How to get the Orthos Craklaw mount in Final Fantasy XIV

An absolute unit of a crab.

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Some mounts in Final Fantasy XIV hold a lot of prestige compared to others. These rides require a lot of skill or time to get them or are just really expensive on the Market Board because of their rarity. Deep dungeon mounts tend to fall into this category because they are acquired infrequently and take patience to obtain. Patch 6.35 gives players a new deep dungeon called Eureka Orthos, and with it comes the burliest crab ever to crawl around Eorzea. The mount is named Orthos Craklaw, and here’s everything you know about adding it to your collection in Final Fantasy XIV.

Where to find the Orthos Craklaw Horn in FFXIV

As you explore the halls of the deep dungeon Eureka Orthos, you will sometimes find treasures hidden in the ground called Accursed Hoard. Making it out intact after looting these will provide you will sacks of varying quality based on how deep you go.

The Orthos Crakraw Horn is an extremely rare drop seen only from Gold-tinged Sacks. Gold-tinged Sacks are awarded from any Accursed Hoard you find from floors 71 to 100 in Eureka Orthos, provided you have a successful run.

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To open them, you must talk to the NPC Valeroine just outside the entrance to the Crystal Tower, where you queue for Eureka Orthos. Her coordinates are (X:35.0, Y:19.2). Eureka Orthos sacks can contain many different items, so you will often get other rewards on your grind to get the Orthos Craklaw.

Where to buy the Orthos Craklaw mount in FFXIV

If you are extremely impatient or want to avoid dealing with the ludicrously difficult floors of Eureka Orthos, you will be happy to know that the Orthos Craklaw mount can be traded and sold on the Market Board. However, this item will likely break your bank because of its rarity and demand.

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The Orthos Craklaw Horn is just as sparse as the two previous deep dungeon mounts. The Night Pegasus Horn and Dodo Horn are items that can be contained in similar reward bags from the Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High deep dungeons, but they have always gone for an obscene amount of gil on the Market Board because of how infrequently they are rewarded.