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How to spend Sea Treasures Tokens for Resurgence mode in Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0

In Resurgence, arcades are all fun and games until someone gets a valuable killstreak.

After several fan requests, Resurgence mode has finally made its way to Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0, and with it are plenty of fun easter eggs for players to hunt down. The most rewarding easter egg on its Ashika Island map is surely the special Sea Treasures Token item. This currency is never explained in-game nor does the mode point to where they need to be spent. That said, here is where you can use Sea Treasures Tokens and what you will earn in return in Warzone 2.0’s Resurgence mode.

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Where to spend Sea Treasure Tokens in Warzone 2.0’s Resurgence mode

Firstly, you are most likely to run into Sea Treasure Tokens inside of blue loot boxes that spawn within buildings around points of interest. Once one is then picked, you’ll notice its description says they are used to “play at Sea Treasures Machines.” These machines sadly don’t offer a fun mini-game to play, though they do reward you killstreaks or field upgrades each time a token is spent at one.

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As shown below, these tokens rest inside of every gas station on Ashika Island. Thus, you can open your tac map and mark one of its gas pump icons to be directed toward a gas station. After you are inside, the arcade machine can be discover in the middle of the building, sitting against the wall.

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Keep in mind, you can only interact and be rewarded from these Sea Treasures machines as long as you have a coin in your backpack, so those with multiple tokens will be in for a handful of prizes. Additionally, as this process will take some time, it is advised players pick up their loadouts or strong weapons beforehand. Those wanting to try the latest guns may want to consider some of Season 2’s best offerings, such as the ISO Hemlock or Dual Kodachis.

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