How to sprint 1000m while under the effect of Slap in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Dash for minutes with this magical stimulant.

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Fortnite’s My Hero Academia quests provide players an excellent method for leveling up fast, as each hands over thousands of XP upon completion. Although most of the tasks ask you to get into combat, one oddly differs by requiring that island visitors sprint over 1000 meters while under the effect of Slap. This guide will rundown what exactly this Slap element is and where you can discover it to finish this Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 quest.

What is Slap and where can you find it in Fortnite?

Slap is a new feature in Chapter 4 Season 1, and it is essentially the substance that comes from Slap Berries and Slap Juice. Those who consume either of these items will be able to sprint for longer periods of time and even gain some shield or health in the process. That said, it best to mainly gather Slap Berries for this challenge, as its short-term unlimited energy is longer than the Slurp Juice’s effect and makes sprinting 1000 meters entirely doable in just one match.

Now, you can discover Slap Berries from plants throughout the autumn biome, such as around The Citadel, Breakwater Bay, or Shattered Slabs. However, as marked below, our favorite spot to farm the resource is at the mountain south of Faulty Splits. There are more than seven plants huddled together near its peak, and each plant holds up to three individual berries. Once you have filled your inventory with the item, you should then consume each until their effect wears off and dash until the quest’s requirement is met.

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The My Hero Academia challenge rewards a sweet 20,000 XP to quest-doers, but expect to see plenty other new tasks also in the questline. Week 2 of the crossover now rewards XPs to those able to eliminate opponents while standing on snow and to players able to Emote with 25m of an opponent.