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How to view your banner history in Genshin Impact

Knowing how to view your banner history in Genshin Impact is essential for checking your pity status.

Genshin Impact fans are likely curious if their banner history is in an ideal state to trigger a “pity pull” for an upcoming 5-Star character. Those familiar with gacha games or who have played Genshin Impact for an extended period will no doubt understand what banners are and the stakes regarding how a character is obtained. For instance, the probability of someone pulling a 5-Star unit from any banner is always lower than 2% unless they can trigger their pity. This approach does not require strategic planning or complex calculations but only involves understanding how to count your pity.

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How to check pity in Genshin Impact

Opening the History Tab in the Character Event Banner screen of Genshin Impact
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To view your banner history for checking pity in Genshin Impact, you must first open the Wish screen by pressing F3 on PC or selecting the starry “Wish” icon in Paimon’s pause screen. Next, interact with the “History” tab at the bottom of the screen next to “Details.” Depending on which Wish Type was open when you opened History, the record log displaying all the pulls you made within the past six months will appear. You can use the arrows on the bottom to move between pages or select the drop-down menu at the top of the window to view the banner history of another Wish Type in Genshin Impact

All the information you need to check your pity can be found in your banner history of Genshin Impact, including the item pulled, its name, the Wish Type, and the time you received it. Genshin Impact’s time-limited banners have a hard pity of 90, meaning that the 90th pull of every Character Event Wish will guarantee a 5-Star character. This pity pull resets whenever you hit this 90 mark or receive a 5-Star out of sheer luck. 

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Checking Pity in Genshin Impact by viewing the banner history in Genshin Impact
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For instance, according to our banner history, we pulled Hu Tao on February 11, 2023, and pulled two Wishes since that time. Based on this information, we must pull another 88 Wishes during Dehya’s banner to receive pity or get lucky with RNG. Likewise, you can check your pity in Genshin Impact by viewing your banner history using the method above and looking for the last 5-Star unit you received. Next, count how many pulls you have after that particular Wish to understand the status of your current pity.

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