Rogue Company tier list – The best picks for ranked and competitive

See where everyone is in the Rogue Company food chain at the moment.

Rogue Company

Image by Hi-Rez Studios.

Currently, Rogue Company features 14 Rogues to choose from, each with their distinct strengths and weaknesses. When used intelligently, any operator from the roster can make big plays and win games. That said, some rogues are noticeably more useful in the current meta, and contribute more to their team’s odds of winning. Whether you are a competitive player waiting for the upcoming Ranked mode, or just like to queue up for for casual matches with friends, this Rogue Company tier list will help you make the best picks for your team.

S Tier

These three are the definition of flexible. They can slot on any team and always deliver results. They have strong loadout options, good survivability, and incredible play potential.

Out of the three, Talon stands out as adding the most value to his team in a competitive environment. His recon abilities are stronger than Dallas’, and his passive is excellent for getting new tactical resources in the middle of a match.

A Tier

Aside from being the best medic in Rogue Company, Saint has a great set of perks and two very powerful long range firearms at his disposal. Because he naturally hangs back to fulfill his medical duties, Saint is a great fire support rogue that should always be considered a threat.

Gl1tch is the alpha counter, able to disrupt enemy tactics with the click of a button. He excels at sneaking deep into enemy territory, and can be a strong fragger on his own, especially against shell-shocked enemies who have just been stripped of their abilities, equipment, and radar.

Besides being a strong offensive operator, Dallas gives his team a noticeable psychological advantage. Like Gl1tch, he can spook enemy players by just using his ability, revealing them and occasionally prompting them to freeze up in cover. If they don’t, they often fall prey to Dallas’ teammates moments later.

For her part, Vy is an easy to play area denial specialist. Her abilities are useful in all three of Rogue Company’s game modes. She has a decent loadout, and her assault rifle has virtually no recoil, making her deadly in mid range.

B Tier

None of the Rogue Company picks on this tier are decidedly bad, but they are simply not as universally useful as the rogues above them. Anvil and Trench are both strong when defending an objective or supporting a coordinated team. Chaac and Scorch are good at creating pressure and forcing trades, although they need to expose themselves and play risky in order to get anything done. And Dima is just great at blowing things up and creating bad situations for the enemy team.

C Tier

Not every problem in Rogue Company is solved by running at it, and unfortunately that’s all Lancer is good at. She is great for flanking, but that alone doesn’t win games. She doesn’t counter anyone, has no ability to fight outside of close quarters, doesn’t support team tactics, and cannot protect or contest objectives well. She is also prone to playing blind and away from her team.

Like Lancer, Phantom is only good at one thing, and that thing has her routinely lurking in the background and away from her team and the objective. She is countered by just playing semi-safe, which is what players already need to do if they want to win.

Both Phantom and Lancer are great for casual play and hype highlight reels, but in a competitive environment they are outclassed by other, less one-dimensional operators.