Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – All Chamber of Reason Collectibles & Where to Find Them

The Chamber of Reason is one of the first High Republic puzzles you can find in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and it has several collectibles.

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You’ll be scouring Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to track down the many collectibles hidden throughout the game. Every region has multiple you need to find, and they’re hidden throughout the area, blocked behind special mechanics, or those who can find them using a keen eye.

While exploring the Chamber of Reason, there are several collectibles that you can track down in this area. You’ll be able to find it while exploring the Basalt Forest. This guide covers all Chamber of Reason Collectibles & Where to Find Them in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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Where to Find Every Chamber of Reason Collectible in Jedi: Survivor

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You can find 8 collectibles inside the Chamber of Reason on Koboh. It’s one of the smaller locations you can explore in Jedi: Survivor. This is a hidden chamber full of small puzzles for you to solve. You’ll need to use your Force Powers to maneuver throughout the Chamber. There are several Databank entries for you to unlock, giving you some insight into the Jedi that also attempted the Chamber during the High Republic.

Completing the puzzle in the Chamber of Reason is a solid in-game reward, giving you some useful boosts at the start of the game. It’s also a good way to see what the other Chambers are like when you discover them scattered throughout the rest of Jedi: Survivor.

There are four categories of collections for you to find inside the Chamber of Reason. You can find: Chests, Databank entries, Force Essences, and Treasure. It’s important to note that solving the Chamber of Reason and completing it is the best way to receive all the rewards at this location.

All Chamber of Reason Chest locations in Jedi: Survivor

There is only one chest for you to find inside the Chamber of Reason in Jedi: Survivor.

Chest locationChest CollectionDescriptionReward
Chest location 1This is the only chest in this area, close to the top of the Chamber. You can only reach this after you complete the puzzle. When you reach the end, bring both orbs to the top, connecting them to the bridges. Have the elevator at the top, then drag the second orb into the middle of the bridge, and fire into the open area, opening the doors.Lightsaber Diligence Emitter

All Chamber of Reason Databank locations in Jedi: Survivor

Five Databank entries are found in the Chamber of Reason in Jedi: Survivor.

Databank locationDatabank CollectionDescription
Databank location 1You can find this one on the first floor, on the other side of the large gap before you take the elevator to the second level.
Databank location 2This Databank entry will be on the second floor, to the left of the first elevator.
Databank location 3You can find this Databank entry in the corner of the third floor, to the right of the hallway you need to go down to grab the orb and activate the elevator.
Databank location 4This will be in the hallway on the third floor.
Databank location 5This Databank entry is on the dead end of the Koboh Matter bridge, which you’ll get to as you reach the end of this puzzle.

All Chamber of Reason Force Essence locations in Jedi: Survivor

You will only find one Force Essence in the Chamber of Reason in Jedi: Survivor.

Force Essence locationForce Essence CollectionDescriptionReward
Force Collection 1You can only gain access to this Force Essence after you have completed the Chamber of Reason puzzle. It appears at the very top.Dexterity Perk

All Chamber of Reason Treasure locations in Jedi: Survivor

There is only one treasure inside the Chamber of Reason in Jedi: Survivor.

Treasure locationTreasure CollectionDescriptionReward
Treasure Collection 1You can find this one while overlooking the ledge to the second level before you grab the second orb and bring it over to the elevator.Datadisk

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