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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – All High Republic Chamber Locations

Track down all of the High Republic Chambers in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor to earn their collectibles and solve a specific puzzle.

The High Republic once operated on Koboh in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and they left behind several hidden Jedi chambers that you can find during your playthrough. These hidden chambers are full of puzzles for you to solve and a handful of collectibles to unearth if you’re willing to learn how to acquire them all.

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Tracking down these High Republic Chambers can be exhausting, and their exact locations are hidden from you. Luckily, we have you covered to make finding them extremely quick and effective. Here’s what you need to know about where to find all High Republic Chamber locations in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Where to Find Every High Republic Chamber and Its Location in Jedi: Survivor

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There are 7 High Republic Chambers locations for you to find on Koboh in Jedi: Survivor. One of these chambers is discovered through the main story, which is the location where you find Zee at the start of the game. After you clear that chamber, there are six more to track down.

While exploring the Basalt Rift, you can find Toa, a researcher on Koboh, to study these chambers, and she will tell you how to find them throughout your Jedi: Survivor playthrough. You want to find them all to complete the Alignment Control Center puzzle, but some of them might not be accessible until you unlock specific abilities to reach them.

Each of the Chambers has a unique name associated with them. The High Republic Chamber names are: the Chamber of Ambidexterity, Chamber of Clarity, Chamber of Connection, Chamber of Detachment, Chamber of Duality, Chamber of Fortitude, and Chamber of Reason.

I found exploring these High Republic chambers one at a time better, returning to the cantina at Rambler’s Reach to speak with Toa whenever she found a new lead. It was fun to interact with this character and learn of a new location to explore further, both during the main campaign in Jedi: Survivor, and after I had finished it.

Where to Find the Chamber of Ambidexterity in Jedi: Survivor

The Chamber of Ambidexterity if a unique location in that it does not feature a unique Chamber, but it’s still considered one of the ones you need to find. It will appear in the Stone Spires region, in the Devastated Settlement. You want to reach the top of the area’s Meditation Point and then use a Relter to fly down and reach it.

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Where to Find the Chamber of Clarity in Jedi: Survivor

The Chamber of Clarity will appear in the Untamed Downs, and you should be able to access it relatively early on in your Jedi: Survivor playthrough. The chamber is difficult to reach, but you can climb to the top using vines and grab them using a Nekko Mount jump.

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Where to Find the Chamber of Connection in Jedi: Survivor

The Chamber of Connection is in the Viscid Bog, a location you can unlock as you progress through the main story of Jedi: Survivor. You’ll be able to find this in a remote location in the bog by jumping onto a cable and wading through a large amount of tar.

Where to Find the Chamber of Detachment in Jedi: Survivor

The Chamber of Detachment is in the Mountain Ascent region of Koboh in Jedi: Survivor. You can only begin exploring this location after you unlock Merrin’s Charm and begin to explore beyond Green Shield Doors. It’s not too far away from the starting entrance.

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Where to Find the Chamber of Duality in Jedi: Survivor

The Chamber of Duality is the first High Republic Chamber you find in Jedi: Survivor. This appears at the beginning of the story when you first meet Zee and rescue them. It is underneath Rambler’s Reach Outpost.

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Where to Find the Chamber of Fortitude in Jedi: Survivor

The Chamber of Fortitude is in the Southern Reach region of Jedi: Survivor, hidden inside the Corroded Silo. You can access this area after you gain the Force Lift ability.

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Where to Find the Chamber of Reason in Jedi: Survivor

The Chamber of Reason is one of the first High Republic Chambers you can find on Koboh in Jedi: Survivor and a good one to start with to learn how to solve. You will find it in the Basalt Rift shortly after you meet Toa, and you can access this chamber at any time during your playthrough.

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And that’s it! Check out our other Star Wars Jedi: Survivor guides below so you don’t miss any hidden secrets on your journey.

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