State Of Decay 2 Wiki – Walkthrough, Collectibles & Tips

State of Decay 2 is an open-world zombie survival game, you will play with three friends and work on building up a community to survive. You will be establishing a base, work on improving characters abilities, manage resources and pick the right decision to stay alive. Choices will make major differences in building up allies and enemies. In this wiki guide, you will get the game walkthrough, collectibles and tips and tricks.

State of Decay 2 Wiki


  1. Welcome To Camp Osprey – This is the first mission where you will be exploring a refugee camp and meeting other survivors.
  2. A New Home & Healing The Sick – After finding a home, you will have to establish a base with infirmary to heal others.
  3. Friendly Neighbor, Plague Cure & Destroy Plague Heart – A few objectives where you will find other survivors, find a plague cure and clear areas infested with zombies.
  4. All Warlord Missions – After playing the starting missions you will have to pick on of the four character type and finish related objectives.

How To’s

  • How To Repair & Refuel Vehicles – You have to find proper fuel for the vehicle you drive and repair it time to time for smooth traveling on various locations.
  • How To Repair Weapons – Tips to repair weapons as they wear and tear on continuous usage.
  • How To Claim & Command Post – Claiming and Commanding Outposts in State of decay 2 is as important as anything else in the game. When you get a hold of an outpost you can expand your community and carry out further operations.
  • How To Unlock Artillery Strike: Very powerful weapon in State of Decay 2, if you had not yet tried it then refer this guide to unlock it.
  • How To Earn Influence Points Fast: Influence points are the in-game currency, in this guide you can find some tips on earning them fast.

Tips and Tricks

  • Beginners Tips: Some useful tips if you are new to the game and want to plan out your game or getting confused what to do next.
  • 5 Best Weapons: List of top weapons you can use against zombies in State of Decay 2.
  • Types of Zombies and How To Kill Them: There are around 6 types of zombies in the game with unique attack patterns, in this guide you can learn about them and strategies the best plan to kill them.
  • Plague Hearts Location & How To Destroy Them: Plague Hearts are a big target in State of Decay 2, destroying them will reward you well.
  • How To Setup Co-op Mode: You can play with your friends in State of Decay 2, refer the guide for steps how to setup it.

Collectibles/Locations Guide

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