Tears of the Kingdom – All Purah Pad Upgrades & How to Get Them

Players will be able to upgrade their Purah Pad in Tears of the Kingdom with four different expansions. Here is how to get them.

Purah Pad

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Players must embark on an intense journey in Tears of the Kingdom to unlock the full potential of the Purah Pad. Each upgrade unlocked will offer new tools, granting invaluable information and assistance on this adventure.

With four different upgrades to unlock, getting all of them can be a challenge. Because of that, here is a guide to get every Purah Pad upgrade in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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How to Unlock Purah Pad Upgrades in Tears of the Kingdom

Purah Pad
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To unlock Purah Pad upgrades in the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab, a couple of quests need to be cleared out:

Camera Work in the DepthsJoshaLookout Landing
Regional Phenomena (Partially)PurahLookout Landing
A Mystery in the DepthsJoshaLookout Landing
Hateno Village Research LabRobbieLookout Landing

How to Unlock the Shrine Sensor in Tears of the Kingdom

To unlock the Shrine Sensor in Tears of the Kingdom, you must fix Robbie’s hot air balloon using the auto-build ability. Once the balloon is repaired, head to the lab to receive the Shrine Sensor. By keeping it active, the Sensor will alert you to the presence of Shrines of Light nearby. It also provides a vertical indicator, helping you locate shrines on different terrain layers.

How to Complete Presenting: Hero’s Path Mode

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Activate the Hero’s Path in Tears of the Kingdom to visualize your path throughout your adventure. Press the X button on the map to see your journey, including your kills, across the three terrain layers. To unlock this upgrade, collect the location data of 15 Shrines of Light, which you may have already done by this point.

How to Complete Presenting: The Travel Medallion

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To access the Travel Medallion in Tears of the Kingdom, help Robbie with a problem at Akkala’s Laboratory, not Hatelia’s. First, defeat the Yiga clan members who have captured Robbie to obtain the Yiga clan robe. Next, find a chest containing the Travel Medallion prototype in the same area. Return it to Hatelia with Robbie, who will upgrade the Tablet.

How to Complete Presenting: Sensor +

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The Sensor + is a valuable feature for completionists and seasoned adventurers. It allows players to gather more information about photographed objects, such as an enemy or ore, and search for them. Add references of 5 types of monsters to the Hylian Compendium using the Camera to activate the Sensor. Additionally, Robbie now sells photos of missing entries, making it easier to complete the compendium sections.

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