Tears of the Kingdom – How to Complete A Call from the Depths

Tears of the Kingdom’s A Call from the Depths is quite the challenge, learn how to start and complete this quest.

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Stones are always asking for favors in Tears of the Kingdom. From Bargainer Statues that echo “Poes…” every time you walk by to Goddess Statues who want to take all your Lights of Blessings, they never seem to get enough of them. Still, you are usually rewarded for giving the statues what they want, such as extra heart and stamina containers or a cool-looking Dark Armor suit.

In A Call From the Depths, you’ll embark on a challenging adventure in the Depths of Hyrule. Here is everything you need to know about this quest in Tears of the Kingdom.

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A Call From the Depths Walkthrough in Tears of the Kingdom

A Call From the Depths is a side quest in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom where you’ll be tasked with collecting eyes for a statue. Once completed you’ll be rewarded with either a stamina or health upgrade.

How to Start A Call from the Depths in Tears of the Kingdom

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To start this quest, head to the Gatepost Town Ruins in the Great Plateau. A vast entrance is blocked by a pile of rubble, waiting to be uncovered. Use a weapon fused with a boulder to break the pile of rubbles. Now that the area is completely drained, you can access it. A statue right before the entrance will guide you to your next destination: The Time Temple.

Follow the waypoint to this familiar destination, and once inside, speak with the glimmering statue at the end of the room. To help her out, find her four eyes on the surface of Hyrule, throw them to the Depths, and carry them to the statue’s location in the Depths.

How to Find the Four Eyes in A Call from the Depths

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Though the locations are marked on the map, the four eyes aren’t exactly in plain sight. There’s usually some sort of puzzle that must be solved before you can grab them. 


Look for this eye in the body of water nearby. Activate Ultrahand to highlight it in orange, grab it and throw it to the chasm.


Another pile of rubble can be spotted around the chasm. The second eye lies underneath it, so use the same boulder weapon as before to break the rubbles. Just like before, grab the eye and throw it into the chasm.


This eye lies under the huge rock next to the chasm. Grab the rock with Ultrahand and remove it before throwing the third eye to the chasm.


To find the last eye, head to the quest marker and spot the lonely ice rock near the chasm. Melt the ice using fiery weapons or an arrow fused with fire fruit to reveal the last eye. Once it’s thrown into the chasm, it’s time to head to the Depths to finish off this quest.

Where is the Statue in A Call from the Depths

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The best way to spot this statue is to pin the Temple of Time’s location on the Surface map and use it to your advantage on the Depths. The statue lies inside a cave under the Temple of Time.

You need to deliver all four eyes now in the Depths its stony owner. Though this may seem daunting — especially since this area is in shambles and you can barely see anything — plenty of free Zonai devices are around to help. Most of them are already built, so you’ll only have to hop in with your eyes when you find one. 

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Once all eyes are put back into place, the statue will reward you with either a stamina vessel or a health container. There’ll also be more goods available for trade in the Bargainer Statues.

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