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Tears of the Kingdom – How to Complete Mattison’s Independence

Mattison's Independence is the most challenging quest in Tarrey Town in Tears of the Kingdom, but a rewarding experience.

There are quests all around Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom, offering a chance for players to learn more about the cultures of this world and experience some of the more personal stories of those living there. One of the best side quests in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is Mattison’s Independence, which includes a quiz, flower collecting, and friendship. This guide explains how to complete Mattison’s Independence so that everyone can experience this heartwarming story.

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How to Start Mattison’s Independence side quest in TOTK

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The Mattison’s Independence quest in Tears of the Kingdom can be started in Tarrey Town, a small settlement northeast of Lookout Landing. See above for a map reference for this location at coordinates 4019, 1618, 0127. Once Link arrives, he needs to speak to Hudson and his wife Rhondson, two characters fans will recognize from Breath of the Wild. The pair are discussing the future of their daughter, Mattison, and how busy they both are. After speaking with them, the quest will begin.

How to Complete Mattison’s Independence in Tears of the Kingdom

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After picking up the Mattison’s Independence quest in TOTK, Link needs to find and meet Mattison. Her parents are concerned that someone should be making her feel happy and keeping her company on the final day before she leaves for Gerudo Town. Link must use the Ascend ability at the Hudson Construction property to get into the first floor. He should emerge in Mattison’s room and can meet her by speaking to her.

Mattison is excited about teaching others in Tarrey Town how to speak the Gerudo language. In fact, she’s holding a quiz with an older couple in the morning. After she tells Link this, she’ll head to bed. Take the time to read the book on Mattison’s desk before leaving because it contains many of the Gerudo words Link might be quizzed on in the morning.

What is the Answer to Mattison’s Quiz?

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Mattison’s quiz in Tears of the Kingdom is held in the center of Tarrey Town under the cover by the bench. The older couple will chat with Mattison, and Link can join in to take the quiz. When we played through this quest, the question was, “Granny in Gerudo is, eh…hmm…what is it?” The answer to this particular question is “Vaba,” which we could say because we read through Mattison’s notes in her room the night before.

How to Help Mattison Sneak Onto the Railcar

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After the quiz, Mattison will tell Link how she wants to go and see her father down in the construction yard. However, this means she’ll have to get onto the railcar, and it’s blocked by a man, Hagie, who wants to charge everyone for its use. Link needs to create a barrier around Hagie, so he can’t see her. To do this, Link needs Hudson Construction signs, but they’re locked inside the company’s storage room.

How to Unblock the Hudson Construction Storage Door

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To unblock the door at Hudson Construction, Link needs to jump off the cliff behind the building and glide into the entrance to Tarrey Town Tunnel underneath it. Head inside and use the Ascend ability to get into the locked storage room.

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Remove the sign blocking the door and open it. This will cause Rhondson to thank Link and reset his position outside the building. There will now also be a set of signs around the back of the building that Link can use to help Mattison get onto the railcar.

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We built a semicircle out of Hudson Construction signs to block Hagie’s view and get Mattison on the railcar. Then, we placed them in front of Hagie, who promptly panicked before losing his mind about why he couldn’t see what was going on, all the time refusing to walk around the signs to resume his duty. His laziness meant that Mattison got on the railcar and down to her father’s construction site.

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Wait for the cutscene to play out after speaking to Mattison, then follow her down to the construction site. Link can find her speaking to Hudson, who shows off a balloon he’s made to take her and her Gerudo companion to their destination safely. However, Mattison would like it to be yellow, and Hudson needs 10 Sundelions for that. The next step of the quest is to pick and deliver 10 Sundelions, but we already had so many in our inventory that we handed them over straight away and skipped a big section of hunting down flowers.

Where to Find Sundelions in TotK

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The best place to find Sundelions in Tears of the Kingdom is on Sky Islands, and we recommend holding onto them specifically for this quest. Almost all Sky Islands have at least one Sundelion on, so pick them each time Link is exploring somewhere above Hyrule. There are enough around the construction site on the fallen Zonai debris to gather to complete the quest, but having a stash ready to go is always better.

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After Link has handed over the Sundelions, a wholesome cutscene will play that players should pause and take in. This is one of the most special moments in Tears of the Kingdom. Not because it’s packed with action but because it demonstrates the heartache all parents go through as their children grow up. They all think they have more time with their children before they start exploring the vast world and developing their own identities away from their parents. But it’s never long enough. Once the balloon ride is over, Link will receive 200 Rupees for his efforts and unlock the ability to build a house near Tarrey Town.

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