Tears of the Kingdom – How to get to Tarrey Town

Link needs to find Tarrey Town if he wants to gather more Monster Armor and learn where Koltin will appear next for more Monster Armor.


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After meeting Kilton and Koltin and helping them get a Bubbul Gem, Koltin will fly off in his balloon to set up shop somewhere in Hyrule. Kilton tells Link that if he ever needs to know where to find Kilton, he can come and ask him in Tarrey Town. The trouble is, that location is quite far away, in a region Link probably hasn’t explored yet. This guide explains how to get to Tarrey Town so players can find it quickly.

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Where to Find Tarrey Town

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Tarrey Town is located northeast of Lookout Landing. It’s two regions to the right of Hyrule Field, directly right of the Death Mountain region. After helping Kilton and Koltin, Link is given a new quest called The Search for Koltin. This quest will provide players with a map marker for Kilton’s location in Tarrey Town so they can ask where Koltin is. Follow the map marker or head to the map coordinates 4019, 1618, 0127 to find him.

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As Link approaches Tarrey Town from Woodland Stable, where he first met the two monster brothers, he’ll come across a wide open valley with what appear to be jumps for vehicles in the basin. Following the basin’s edge, it’s possible to find Koltin and his balloon. Talking to him will complete The Search for Koltin quest and allow Link to trade Bubbul Gems for more armor. However, this removes the map marker, preventing players from completing their important journey to Tarrey Town. It’s crucial to go all the way to this location so acquiring Monster Armor is much easier in the future.

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Koltin will appear in one of many locations after 9 PM in Hyrule. That’s why it’s worth continuing onto Tarrey Town, just across a land bridge inside this basin, so players can check where he will be on any night. It’s worth finding a Shrine nearby or completing the Skyview Tower on the edge of the region so there’s a fast travel point close by for when Link has acquired enough Bubbul Gems to trade with Koltin. The town is filled with NPCs handing out quests, and Link will get an idea of Kilton’s plans once he visits the monster and speaks to him.

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