Tears of the Kingdom – How to Find Sheik’s Mask

Complete your Sheik(ah) cosplay in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom with this guide to the location of Sheik’s Mask head armor.

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Sheik is one of the most important characters in The Legend of Zelda franchise, as they play a critical role in the splitting of the series’ timeline. And despite the presence of Sheikah armor in Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll need to work a bit harder to get Sheik’s iconic Mask. And like every armor from a previous game, this item is found deep in the Depths, but rather than being guarded by the zone itself, you have to fight for it. This guide shows you where the encounter happens and what you need to defeat for Sheik’s Mask.

How to Get Sheik’s Mask in Tears of the Kingdom

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Sheik’s Mask in TotK hides in the Depths below Gerudo Desert, and unfortunately, the fastest way to get there isn’t particularly fast at all. First, make your way to the East Gerudo Chasm, directly south of the Gerudo Canyon Skyview Tower.

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Once in the Depths, you’ll need to travel close to the southeastern tip of the zone. To make your life a little easier, rather than trying your luck heading in the direction of the Mask, head west from the Chasm until you reach the Gonatoyros Lightroot and the nearby Abandoned Gerudo Mine.

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You can head almost straight south of the Mine to the Kasari Lightroof and find the Desert Coliseum next to it. The treasure chest holding Sheik’s Mask is in the Coliseum, but it’s not unguarded.

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You’ll need to beat five progressively hard waves of Horriblins, and only when all of them are defeated will the gloom locking the treasure chest dissipate. In order, you’ll encounter:

  • Wave 1: Three Red Horriblins
  • Wave 2: Three Blue Horriblins
  • Wave 3: Two Black Horriblins
  • Wave 4: One Silver Horriblin
  • Wave 5: One Horriblin of each color, four in all.

Beating Horriblins is a matter of keeping them stunned on the ground. They all start crawling on the ceiling, but a well-aimed arrow at their heads or backsides will send them plummeting to the floor. The red and blue varieties are fairly easy to beat, but the Black and Silver have much larger health pools and deal significantly more damage. The Silver Horriblin, in particular, is a massive threat, as one swing of his spiked-ball spear will take off at least eight hearts with a full, unupgraded armor set. I recommend upgrading at a Great Fairy. Don’t be me.

If you have any Lynel Bows, use them for the final encounter against the group, and fuse Bomb Flowers to the tips of your arrows regardless of your bow type. You’ll deal massive damage, knock the enemies down, and set them on fire at a stretch. One or two Bombs are likely enough to clean up the Red and Blue Horriblins, and you can keep the Black and Silver ones stunlocked, making them effectively harmless.

Once the last Horriblin from the final wave disappears in a puff of smoke, the treasure chest holding Sheik’s Mask will unlock, allowing you to claim it.

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