Tears of the Kingdom – How to Put The Hylian Hood Up or Down

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players can now style the Hylian Hood, but only after a series of quests.

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Tears of the Kingdom’s Hylian armor set is an iconic outfit comprised of the Hylian Tunic, Trousers, and Hood. It’s a fan favorite and instantly recognizable to any fans of BotW. Many likely remember how it obscured Link’s face in the previous game. However, Tears of the Kingdom offers a solution for this problem.

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How to Unlock Lowering the Hylian Hood in Tears of the Kingdom

Image by Gamepur

Lowering the Hylian Hood in Tears of the Kingdom requires completing a series of side quests and visiting Cece in Hateno Village. However, it’s essential to remember that the quest to modify the hood is only available after completing the required quests.

Begin by purchasing the Hylian Hood from the Armor Shop in Lookout Landing for 70 Rupees. Afterward, complete the six side quests

  • Team Cece or Team Reede?
  • Cece’s Secret
  • Reede’s Secret
  • A Letter for Koyin
  • A New Signature Food
  • The Mayoral Election

This is a lot of back and forth, but it’s worth it to unlock the ability to lower the Hylian Hood.

How to Lower & Lift the Hylian Hood

Once all side quests are completed, travel to Hateno Village and speak with Cece while wearing the Hylian Hood. She’ll offer to modify the hood so that it can be put down. Now, Link can wear the Hylian Hood with the hood down, finally allowing players to rock the iconic look in a new way.

The modification to the hood isn’t permanent. If you prefer the hood up, simply return to Cece in Hateno Village, and she’ll modify the hood again. This means that players can switch between the two options as often as they’d like, providing them with the ultimate fashion flexibility.

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