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Tears of the Kingdom – All Cooking Recipes & How to Make Them

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players will test their culinary skills with new recipes, ingredients, and the Portable Pot.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom once again offers players a chance to tackle culinary challenges with a slew of recipes. By collecting forgeable vegetables, hunting for delicious meats, and tossing in unique seasonings, players have no shortage of ways to buff Link for important battles. To add to the fun, new items like the Portable Pot make cooking both a campsite luxury and an on-the-go delight.

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** This Guide is currently in progress, and will continue to update as new info becomes available**

Because cooking was one of my favorite things about the first game, learning that it would be included and more accessible in Tears of the Kingdom marked it as one of my most anticipated activities while returning to Hyrule.

For anyone just as excited, below is a guide on how to cook, what recipes are available to prepare, and how to obtain new gear like the Portable Pot.

How to Cook in Tears of the Kingdom

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Cooking in Tears of the Kingdom is similar to the previous Legend of Zelda title. Players will first need to find a Cooking Pot that has a fire crackling beneath it. If the fire isn’t lit, a lump of flint dropped with wood under a cold pot can be struck with a metal weapon to get the needed heat going.

After finding or setting up a Cooking Pot, players will then need to select up to Five ingredients from their inventory to toss into the pot. Each ingredient has a special property, and stacking certain items together, or using more than one of a specific option, is the key to getting optimal buffs from meals.

How to get the Portable Pot

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, cooking is easier than ever thanks to the Portable Pot. This item is a Zonai device and taken on the road.

It is important to remember that the Portable Pot is a single use item. This means that once it’s set up in a location, it can’t be packed up and moved to a new location. Because of this, keeping several on hand, and being careful about setting up camp, will be essential to culinary success.

Every Recipe in Tears of the Kingdom

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Currently, many of the recipes are still being discovered in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Below are all the known cooking recipes currently discovered.

Recipe IngredientsBase HeartsEffects
Steamed Mushroomsx2 Hyrule Herb, x1 Hylian Shroom, x2 ApplesSevenN/A
Meat and Seafood Fryx1 Meat, x2 FishSixN/A
Pepper Steakx1 Meat, x1 Spicy Pepper, x1 Garlic, x1 AcornFiveN/A

All Cooking Ingredients in Tears of the Kingdom

Many of the ingredients found in Breath of the Wild also make their appearance in Tears of the Kingdom. This means players will have a full fridge if they keep up on foraging, hunting, and purchasing goods from local shops. Here is every cooking ingredient we’ve found so far in Tears of the Kingdom.

HydromelonFruit1/2Heat Resistance
Heart DurianFruitThreeTemporary extra hearts
Mighty BananasFruit1/2Attack Buff
Fleet-Lotus SeedsFruit1/2Speed Buff
Spicy PepperFruit1/2Cold Resistance
Palm FruitFruit1/2N/A
Shock FruitFruitTBATBA
Splash FruitFruitTBATBA
Golden AppleFruitTBATBA
Ice FruitFruitTBATBA
Fire FruitFruitTBATBA
Hylian TomatoFruitTBATBA
VoltfruitFruit1/2Electricity Resistance
Swift CarrotVegetable1/2Speed Buff
StambulbVegetableTBATemporary Stamina Boost
Big Hearty RadishVegetableFourTemporary extra hearts
Hearty RadishVegetableTwo & 1/2Temporary extra hearts
Endura CarrotVegetableTwoTemporary Stamina Boost
Fortified PumpkinVegetables1/2Defense Buff
Hylian ShroomMushroom1/2N/A
Endura ShroomMushroomOneTemporary Stamina Boost
Big Hearty TruffleMushroomThreeTemporary extra hearts
Hearty TruffleMushroomTwoTemporary extra hearts
ChillshroomMushroom1/2Heat Resistance
RushroomMushroom1/2Speed Buff
RazorshroomMushroom1/2Attack Buff
Silent ShroomMushroom1/2Stealth Buff
SunshroomMushroom1/2Cold Resistance
Stamella ShroomMushroomOneStamina Restoration
ZapshroomMushroom1/2Electricity Resistance
Silent PrincessHerbN/AStealth Buff
Warm SafflinaHerbN/ACold Resistance
Hyrule HerbHerbOneN/A
Mighty ThistleHerbN/AAttack Buff
Swift VioletHerbN/ASpeed Buff
Electric SafflinaHerbN/AElectricity Resistance
Blue NightshadeHerbN/AStealth Buff
Bomb FlowerHerbTBATBA
Muddle BudHerbTBATBA
Cane SugarGroceryN/AN/A
Courser Bee HoneyGroceryTwoStamina Restoration
Hylian RiceGroceryOneN/A
Tabantha WheatGroceryOneN/A
Chickaloo Tree NutGrocery1/4N/A
Bird EggGroceryOneN/A
Goat ButterGroceryN/AN/A
Fresh MilkGrocery1/2N/A
Goron SpiceGroceryN/AN/A

Here are the meat and seafood types that can be hunted in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom:

Raw MeatMeatOneN/A
Raw Prime MeatMeatOne & 1/2N/A
Raw Gourmet MeatMeatThreeN/A
Raw Bird DrumstickMeatOneN/A
Raw Bird ThighMeatOne & 1/2N/A
Raw Whole BirdMeatThreeN/A
Hyrule BassFishOneN/A
Armored CarpFish1/2Defense Buff
Chillfin TroutFishOneHeat Resistance
Mighty CarpFishOneAttack Buff
Armored PorgyFish1/2Defense Buff
Hearty BassFishTwoTemporary extra hearts
Hearty Blueshell SnailFishThreeTemporary extra hearts
Hearty SalmonFishFourTemporary extra hearts
Voltfin TroutFishOneElectricity Resistance
Sizzlefin TroutFishOneCold Resistance
Mighty PorgyFishOneAttack Buff
Sanke CarpFishOneN/A
Sneaky River SnailFishOneStealth Buff
Stealthfin TroutFishOneStealth Buff
Staminoka BassFishOneStamina Restoration
Glowing Cave FishFishTBATBA
Ancient ArowanaFishTBATBA
Ironshell CrabFishOneDefense Buff
Bright-Eyed CrabFishOneStamina Regeneration
Razorclaw CrabFishOneAttack Buff

With so many exciting new ingredients to try, and recipes to cook, Tears of the Kingdom fans are sure to stay busy and satiated while soaring to new culinary heights.

And that’s it! Check out our other The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom guides below to help with crafting, exploring, and tackling challenges across Hyrule.

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