Sludge Like In Tears Of The Kingdom Boss Battle
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Tears Of The Kingdom: How To Beat Sludge Like

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players will need to defeat a Sludge Like Ambusher. Here is how to take it down.

The Legend of Zelda series loves to use mid-bosses during dungeons and quests, and Tears of the Kingdom is no exception. If you wish to complete the Zora’s Domain quest and clean the realm of sludge, you must defeat the Sludge Like while fighting alongside Prince Sidon and using his aqua-based powers in battle.

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The Sludge Like is encountered during the Zora’s Domain questline. The battle occurs after you visit the sky fish island and fire the arrow through the droplet-shaped rock pattern. You’ll be prompted to revisit Mipha Court. Make sure that you bring in a full allotment of arrows, Splash Fruit, food, and are at full health before facing the beast.

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How To Defeat Sludge Like Ambusher Of Mipha Court In Tears Of The Kingdom

Sludge Like Title Card in Tears of the Kingdom
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The Sludge Like is covered in muck and it can be cleaned off using Tears of the Kingdom’s normal sludge removal method: using arrows with Splash Fruit or a Splash Fruit-fused melee weapon. There is another method; however, this is the tutorial battle for Prince Sidon’s Blessing, a major mechanic the player will use in the Water Temple.

When Prince Sidon glows with a blue aura, run up to him and press the A button. Link will be covered with a shield made of water, and if he swings a melee weapon, it will fire a blast of water in the direction you’re facing. Use the Splash Fruit method or Prince Sidon’s blessing to clear the sludge off the Sludge Like.

Boss Battle Sludge Like Tears Of The Kingdom
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Now that the Sludge Like is clean, enter melee range with a shield equipped and get ready to dodge. During this stage, it will fire powerful blasts of sludge, so get ready to dodge or block. The Sludge Like will eventually hang a purple tonsil-like appendage from the center of its mouth. Hit the purple appendage to stun the Sludge Like, allowing Link and Prince Sidon to damage it.

Make sure to it the Sludge Like as many times as possible during its weak phase. It will eventually get up, tunnel underground, and then reemerge somewhere on the battlefield covered in sludge again. Simply repeat the previous cycle – water attack>wait for the purple bulb>hit it while it’s stunned, and the Sludge Like will be defeated. It doesn’t have any special tricks or extra phases to consider, and once you have the rhythm of its attacks down, it should be an easy win.

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