Tears of the Kingdom – How to Defeat Flux Construct II

Flux Construct II is a formidable boss in Tears of the Kingdom, but there’s a trick to defeating it that most players could miss.


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Among the many massive enemies scattered throughout Hyrule in Tears of the Kingdom are Flux Constructs. The Zonai has left behind these colossal machines to guard the Sky Islands and their advanced technology. However, Link can defeat Flux Constructs to prepare himself for the fight against the world’s true threat. This guide explains where to find and how to defeat Flux Construct II, so everyone can benefit from the resources it drops.

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Where to Find Flux Construct II in Tears of the Kingdom

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Flux Construct II in TotK is located in the Sokkala Sky Archipelago, the sky east of Lookout Landing, at map coordinates 3651, 1813, 0988. See above for a map reference for this location. Link needs to use the Uri Mountain Skyview Tower to reach the Sky Islands above the Uri Mountain region and land on the large platform where Flux Construct II can be seen stomping about.

How to Beat Flux Construct II in Tears of the Kingdom

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Flux Construct II in Tears of the Kingdom has two phases that Link must fight through. The first phase sees it attack as a giant humanoid made of blocks. This is an easy phase to battle, especially for players who have already defeated Flux Construct I. Link needs to use Ultrahand to remove blocks until he can grab the glowing one and shake it out. This will cause Flux Construct II to fall apart, allowing Link to attack the glowing block and deal damage.

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The second phase of the fight with Flux Construct II is much more challenging. The boss becomes a floating platform and soars into the sky. It’s unreachable by any means Link has, and building with Zonai Devices is out of the question because the enemy will constantly hammer him with blocks from above. Instead of trying to use Ultrahand on it from below, Link should run to the island connected to Flux Construct II’s platform and find the makeshift hovercraft there.

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Link can use the hovercraft to fly above the boss, drop onto it, and attack the glowing cube again. The boss will then cycle into a cube form that Link can remove blocks from, as with the humanoid form, before resorting to this flying platform form once more. The hovercraft will respawn on the connected island if it flies away or drops to the ground, so Link should use it again to finish off the boss.

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Once defeated, Flux Construct II will drop a Flux Construct II Core, a Large Zonai Charge, several regular Zonai Charges, and a Cannon. There will also be a chest on this island that Link can open to get an Old Map for the Depths beneath Hyrule.

What to do With Flux Construct Core II

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After beating Flux Construct II in Tears of the Kingdom, it’ll drop many items, including Flux Construct Core II. This is an incredibly powerful piece of Zonai technology that can be fused with a weapon to increase its damage by 20. We recommend attaching it to the strongest weapon Link has on him at the time and saving it for a boss later in the game’s story. Flux Construct Core II adds two spinning Zonai devices to the end of any weapon that deal huge damage, perfect for when Link is up against a massive foe and needs something to cut them down to size.

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