Tears of the Kingdom – How to Beat Flux Construct 1

The Flux Construct I is a boss that you encounter in Tears of the Kingdom, and you’ll fight against it on the Great Sky Island.

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a game about exploration and creativity, but there are also a number of bosses that you’ll have to fight against during your adventure. One of the earlier boss battles you can have is with a Flux Construct I, a large Zonai device protecting the Great Sky Island.

The Flux Construct I is a large Guardian adversary that you can choose to fight against while exploring the Great Sky Island. This boss is optional and is not required to leave this area. Here’s what you need to know about how to defeat the Flux Construct I in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Where to Find the Flux Construct I in TotK

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The location for the Flux Construct I is on the Great Sky Island in Tears of the Kingdom, which is the same location you begin in when you initially wake up as Link. You can attempt to take on this encounter at any time as you progress through this area, but we’d recommend checking it close to the end or after you’ve completed The Closed Door and have access to the Temple of Time.

How to Fight Flux Construct I in Tears of the Kingdom

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The Flux Construct I is a mini-boss battle with a large Zonai object, the Guardian of the Great Sky Island in Tears of the Kingdom. This enemy will initially appear to you as a giant golem with multiple blocks keeping it together. Your goal is to use your Ultrahand ability on the glowing green block and pull it off from this foe.

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When the glowing green block has been detached from the rest of the body, the construct will break down, and you are free to attack it. You can get a few hits in before it rebuilds itself, and you’ll need to repeat the process. Every time the Construct Flux I rebuilds itself, it becomes a new object with a different series of attacks.

However, if you can break off the green cube before it can attack, you can force it to deconstruct every time. This is a great way to avoid taking damage during this fight outside of dodging any attacks it throws at you, but you need to quickly use your Ultrahand.

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The boss battle is relatively cut and dry in Tears of the Kingdom. It will consistently have you using your Ultrahand to break it apart, and you can always use grab the cubes it throws at you using the Ultrahand ability to protect yourself.

When you defeat the Flux Construct I, it drops several items you can pick up and use on the ground. One particular item, the Flux Construct Core, is an item that will not fit into your inventory. Instead, this item is something you can fuse to any of your weapons and make it much stronger.

The Flux Construct I does respawn in Tears of the Kingdom. In addition, it will reappear every time there is a Blood Moon in your game, which means all of the creatures in Hyrule Kingdom have returned, giving you new resources to track down.

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