Tears of the Kingdom – How to Find & Get The Royal Armor Set

The Royal Armor is a difficult armor set to unlock in Tears of the Kingdom, and this guide will show you how to get it.

Armor in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is essential to take many of the challenges away awaiting you in Hyrule, and the Royal Armor set is helpful to acquire early on in your playthrough. It has a decent range of stats that makes it easier to take on tougher foes and explore what we thought made it possible to explore the entire map without too much trouble.

Tracking it down can be tricky, and finding the exact Royal Armor set location is easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. Thankfully, you can find all the Royal Armor pieces close to the starting area in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to Find the Royal Armor Set

For those seeking the Royal Armor set, make your way to Hyrule Castle at the center of the map in Tears of the Kingdom. The easiest way we found to enter the Castle without too much trouble was using Lookout Landing Skyview Tower and using the Paraglider to reach it. We also had Tulin’s Sage power helping us out, which you can acquire by completing the Wind Temple and going to Rito Village.

There are three pieces of the Royal Armor set that you need to track down: The Royal Guard Cap, Royal Guard Boots, and the Royal Guard Uniform. All of them are relatively close together, in the same region.

How to Get the Royal Guard Cap in Tears of the Kingdom

The Royal Guard Cap will appear inside of Hyrule Castle. You can find it inside Princess Zelda’s Room, which is on the first basement floor of the Castle, on B1. The quickest way to reach this location is by gliding down to the west side of the dungeon, landing on the rocks close to it, and walking up the stairs leading to the room. There is a large opening next to it, and you can glide into it if you’d prefer.

When you enter Princess Zelda’s room, there is a chest to the left of the entrance behind a wooden curtain. Open the chest up, and the Royal Guard Cap will be inside.

How to Get The Royal Guard Boots in Tears of the Kingdom

The second location inside Hyrule Castle is the Library, which you can find on the third basement floor, B3 in Tears of the Kingdom. The best way to reach this location from Princess Zelda’s room is to glide to the north, around the outside of the floating Castle, and fly into the window next to the Library. The Library won’t be too heavily guarded, but gliding down to it can be a challenge, and we recommend having Stamina-based food on you or taking short rests along the way.

When you arrive, proceed to the right of the entrance you flew in through, and there are several bookcases next to a staircase. Use your Ultrahand ability on the bookcase, and you can pull one out, revealing ac hest with the Royal Guard Boots inside them.

How to Get The Royal Guard Uniform in Tears of the Kingdom

The final armor piece for this set is the Royal Guard Uniform, and you can find that on the exterior of Hyrule Castle in Tears of the Kingdom. We recommend going out and making your way to the south side of the Castle until you reach the First Gatehouse, and proceed to the southwest. We’ve highlighted the entrance you need to reach, which will contain several wooden doors blocking your path. You can use the Ultrahand ability to lift them and proceed inside.

Once inside the guardhouse, proceed to the left, and then take another left down the staircase. You’ll find yourself in a room full of Gloom, and you need to walk down the stairs and proceed forward into a pile of Gloom. You want to have your Ascend ability at the ready, and fly upwards, where you’ll find a chest with the Royal Guard Uniform inside it, completing this armor set in Tears of the Kingdom.

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