Tears of the Kingdom – How to Find All Goddess Statues Locations

Goddess Statues are a critical element that you need to track down in Tears of the Kingdom, and this guide helps you find them.

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Goddess Statues are essential for you to find while exploring The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. These are how you increase your maximum Heart Container total and your overall stamina while playing the game, where you turn in your Light of Blessings.

A Goddess Statue will not simply appear anywhere. You can find them in key locations, and there are a handful of ways to track them down. This guide covers how to find Goddess Statues in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Where to Find Goddess Statues in Tears of the Kingdom

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The only place you can find and regularly use Goddess Statues is in major locations and cities in Tears of the Kingdom. This means if you want to try using them, they’re going to be somewhere at these locations in Hyrule. One of the best early locations is at Lookout Landing, shortly after you leave the Great Sky Island.

When you reach Central Hyrule, you’ll be off to the races and able to search the entire region to your heart’s content. We recommend against this and getting your footing by going to Lookout Landing, where you heard Princess Zelda’s voice after completing the Temple of Time.

After you arrive and begin to meet the various characters who are there, make your way to the center of the location, and speak with the guard. He will grant you access to the Emergency Shelter that the citizens of Hyrule have been using, and you can head underground. There, you’ll encounter several characters and a Goddess Statue.

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This is one of the earlier Goddess Statues you can find, and after you unlock the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower, you can regularly visit this location throughout the rest of your playthrough. Other major locations will also contain Goddess Statues, such as Rito Village in Tears of the Kingdom, which will contain another Goddess Statue at the entrance.

All Goddess Statue Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

There are 14 Goddess Statues that you can find while exploring Tears of the Kingdom. Many of them are in notable locations, so they should be close to fast travel points and larger cities.

Goddess Statue LocationGoddess Statue NameCoordinatesDescription
Akkala Goddess Statue4261, 2810, 0105This one will appear underground in the East Akkala Stable Well.
Goddess of Courage0875, -2363, 0016You can find this Goddess Statue at the Spring of Courage, north of Dracozu Lake.
Goddess of Power3757, 2675, 0002This Goddess Statue will be at the Spring of Power.
Goddess of Wisdom3915, -1330, 0465You can find this at the Spring of Wisdom.
Goron City Goddess Statue1719, 2456, 0393You can find this close to the entrance of Goron City, on the east side.
N/AGreat Hyrule Forest Goddess StatueN/AThis is at the center of Hyrule Forest.
Great Mother Goddess Statue-1070, 2682, -0081This is the Great Mother Goddess Statue in the Forgotten Temple and only becomes available after you’ve completed the Goddess Shrine of Power, Courage, and Wisdom quests.
Great Plateau Goddess Statue-0822, -2028, 0119There will be a Goddess Statue at the Temple of Time Ruins on the Great Plateau.
Hateno Village Goddess Statue3437, -2099, 0130This will be close to the center of the city.
Kakariko Village Goddess Statue1838, -0997, 0113You can find this Goddess Statue at the center of the village, across from the Village Elder building.
Lookout Landing Goddess Statue-0242, 0087, 0008You can find this Goddess Statue underneath Lookout Landing, in the Emergency Room bunker.
Rito Village Goddess Statue-3608, 1805, 0180You can find this Goddess Statue at the base of Rito Village while climbing up the stairs.
Tarrey Town Goddess Statue3967, 1611, 0127You can find this one at the center of Tarrey Town, in the upper area.
Zora’s Domain Goddess Statue3315, 0501, 0150Zora’s Domain Goddess Statue is in the higher area of the city, up the second flight of stairs.

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