Tears of the Kingdom – How to find the Woodland Stable

The Woodland Stable is the first Stable Link can use outside of Hyrule Field, making it essential, once found, in Tears of the Kingdom.


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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s colossal map of Hyrule is pocketed with points of interest that not only provide a place to pick up new quests, but also serve to give Link a break on his journey. Tantamount to exploration are Stables, buildings where Link can register horses to build up Pony Points, rest to get full health, and even do a bit of trading. This guide explains how to find the Woodland Stable, one of the first Link will encounter outside of Hyrule Field.

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Where to Find the Woodland Stable

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The Woodland Stable is located northeast of Lookout Landing, the first village Link encounters once he dives off of The Great Sky Island and lands on Hyrule proper. To reach it, Link must cross a fairly fast-flowing river, so it’s worth completing the early quests in Lookout Landing until he has his Paraglider to make the journey easier.

Stables are used to register horses for 20 Rupees each, trade Pony Points, or give Link a good night’s sleep in one of two types of bed. A regular bed costs 20 Rupees, but a special bed costs 50 Rupees, and grants Link an extra temporary heart for any intense upcoming encounters.

Upon arriving at the Woodland Stable, Link will be introduced to how Stables work in Hyrule and why they’re useful. There’s usually at least one vendor hanging around, and a few NPCs to talk to and get information from. Link will also gain a Pony Point simply for chatting with the stablemaster at this location. If this is the second Stable he’s encountered, he’ll be able to claim a prize for his Point Points and start dragging stuff along using his horse.

Players are not required to complete The Incomplete Stable in Lookout Landing to unlock Stables around Hyrule. In our playthrough, we registered a horse at one Stable before finding the Woodland Stable. Then we went back to complete this quest, so there’s no need to worry about heading back and losing progress on Link’s journey for the sake of activating buildings that are already available.

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