Tears of the Kingdom – All Mount & Horse Locations

Tears of the Kingdom players need one perfect mount to explore Hyrule, collecting many more for Pony Points.

Zelda: Tears of the Legend

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom offers players an enormous open-world map to explore, and they can tame horses and have them become ridable mounts to help with that exploration. Instead of relying on Link’s stamina bar and running, horses make pelting across the open fields of Hyrule a thrilling experience, providing a way to dodge combat and reach a desired location much faster.

**This Guide is currently in progress, and will continue to update as new info becomes available**

Tears of the Kingdom’s mounts are similar to those players found in the previous game. Many of them are wild horses, but if you sneak up on them properly and tame them, they can become reliable mounts throughout your adventure. This guide explains where to find all the horse mounts throughout Hyrule Kingdom and how to best track them down.

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All Mounts in Tears of the Kingdom & Where They’re Found

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Link can ride a wide range of mounts in Tears of the Kingdom. They’re all scattered across the lands of Hyrule, meaning players will need to work to find them all. In the table below, we’ve listed every mount, where to find it, the stats of each one, and how many Pony Points Link will get from registering them at a stable.

CreatureWhere to Find Them
Wild HorseThese horses frequently appear in Hyrule Field and Akkala Highlands
Golden HorseThis is a special spawn that only appears for Zelda’s Golden Horse quest, or you can find it in the wild if you do not have this quest, in the northern part of Snowfield Stable,
StalhorseThese undead horses frequently appear in Faron Grasslands and Hyrule Ridge, but typically at night,
Ganon’s HorseSoutheast of Hateno Village and Deepback Bays. This horse is a similar size to the Giant White Stallion, and its darker color palette makes it easy to spot among its herd.
Giant White StallionThis is another unique horse that does not frequently appear in the wild. It only appears close to the Lake of the Horse God.
EponaThis is a special horse that you can only acquire by linking a Link Amibbo to your account.
BearBears are found in wooded areas and some caves across Hyrule. They can be ridden like horses, but cannot be registered
Mountain BuckThese deer can be found in Lanayru and Hyrule Field. They are timid and a lot more skittish than horses, so approach with caution.

How to Register a Mount at a Stable

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After taming any of the magnificent horses that are available to all players in Tears of the Kingdom, bring them back to the nearest Stable, and speak with the stablemaster at the front. The individual will ask if you’re interested in registering the horse, and it will cost 20 rupees, regardless of the horse offered.

It is important to note that there is a limit to the number of horses you can register, but this limit can increase by receiving more Pony Points and unlocking additional awards by playing TotK. The best way to earn Pony Points is by staying a night at the Stable, visiting Stables you have not visited, or by registering horses when you have an open slot.

Mounts you CANNOT register

Sadly, while there is a nice variety of mounts, you can’t register all of them at Stables. Below is a list of all the Mounts you can’t register in Tears of the Kingdom:

  • Stalhorse
  • Bear
  • Mountain Buck

How to Find The Horse God, Malanya, & What He Does

While exploring Tears of the Kingdom, after receiving enough Pony Points for finding the many Stables in Hyrule or by registering enough horses, you’ll unlock the Malanya Bed. If you do this once, the Horse God will speak with you and reaches out for you to find them. At least, we figured this was going to be a legendary Horse for us to use in our travels. Instead, it’s a similar Giant Fairy location for The Horse God, Malanya.

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We were able to track down and at least find Malanya in the northeast part of Hyrule, in Tumlea Heights, and to the north of Bloodleaf Lake. You’ll find Malanya here, who is interested in increasing the stats of any horse we’ve tamed. Also, to our delight, Malanya was willing to revive any horses we may have lost due to various misadventures. This is a feature we highly recommend for anyone to check out, especially if a prized horse was taken well before its time.

Can you ride the Lord of the Mountain in TOTK?

One of the most fascinating mysteries in BotW was the Lord of the Mountain. This glowing blue horse-like god would appear atop Satori Mountain, and stealthy players could even mount the diety for a ride like none other.

That said, the Lord of the Mountain has returned in TotK, but players cannot ride him. Instead, he can be summoned to reveal the locations of Bubbul Gems needed to

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