Tears of the Kingdom – How To Use Sage’s Will & What It Does

The Sage’s Will is a powerful item in Tears of the Kingdom, and this guide shows you where you can use it in Hyrule.

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We’ve found a use for almost every item in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. We’ve been fusing monster parts to our weapons, blasting enemies with the powerful fruit, or staging off sneak attacks using a Puffshroom. One item that stopped us in our tracks and made us scratch our heads was the Sage’s Will, a unique Key Item you can find in TotK.

The Sage’s Will is an interesting item, and outside of sitting in your Key Items slot, it doesn’t feel like it can do much for you at all. After a thorough investigation and learning about it more in Tears of the Kingdom, we can say that the Sage’s Will is exceptionally useful, but you knowing how to use one is a little tricky.

What To Do With the Sage’s Will in Tears of the Kingdom

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The Sage’s Will is similar to the Light of Blessing in TotK. It’s a Key Item that we’ve only found a limited number of while exploring the game, and that means once we’ve located them all, no more will be available, and we can’t add any more to our inventory.

You want to be tracking down all of the Sage’s Will in Tears of the Kingdom because these are used to enhance your Sage Powers. The Sage Powers have to do with the four Sage’s Temples apart from the main story, such as the Wind Temple or the Water Temple. These locations have to do with the key villages in Hyrule, and after completing these objectives, the Sages will give you extensions of their power throughout the rest of the playthrough.

Where to Redeem Sage’s Will in Tears of the Kingdom

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The place you need to visit in Tears of the Kingdom is any of the Goddess Shrines you find while playing. These shrines appear at specific locations throughout your TotK playthrough, notably in the key villages in the game. The easiest one to find is underneath Lookout Landing, which is one of the starting locations in Central Hyrule.

We spoke with the Goddess Statue, and it gave us a similar answer as if we were submitting our Light of Blessing charges. We need to submit at least four Sage’s Will to enhance any Sage Power we’ve acquired. Beyond using this Key Item to enhance Sage’s power, it won’t do much else for you.

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