Tower of Fantasy daily checklist – What to do every day

A challenge a day…

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While significant progression is a longer-term goal in Tower of Fantasy, there are still plenty of ways to earn rewards every day. We’re talking more than mere login bonuses: you can earn additional gacha pulls, upgrade materials, currency, and other materials that will help you add Simulacra and weapons to your arsenal and keep them in fighting shape.

Here are all the tasks you should complete every day in Tower of Fantasy.

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Daily missions, rewards, and activities in Tower of Fantasy

When Tower of Fantasy sees its daily reset at 5:00 AM EST, a host of new and returning activities resets with it. Completing these seven daily tasks will award experience, materials, Gold, Nuclei, and other goodies.

Daily Bounties

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Every day brings four new Daily Bounties, available in the Recommended section of the Adventure log. These tasks will take you to fight various world mini-bosses and defeat a few specific enemies. You’ll receive experience, Gold, a single Black or Gold Nuclei, a password chip, and a few upgrade materials as well. Later in the game, these won’t be enough to give you a whole level up, but they go a fair way to getting you to your next goal.

Spend Vitality, collect Omnium Beacons

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You generate one point of Vitality every eight minutes, so depending on when you log back into Tower of Fantasy, you’ll probably have anywhere from 80-150 Vitality waiting for you to spend. Head into a Joint Operation, Interstellar Exploration, or other Select activity to get some upgrade materials and Crystal Dust. If you set any Omnium Beacons, collect them as well.

Continue the story

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The story of Tower of Fantasy is time-gated, with new chapters unlocking every morning at the daily reset. Every time you log in try to progress the story campaign, as it awards boatloads of experience and materials.

Visit Mia’s Kitchen

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Another Recommended item, visit Mia’s Kitchen for an incredibly easy way to earn XP, Gold, and materials, and gain powerful, if temporary, buffs to your damage, resistances, and other benefits. The Kitchen has a maximum of three tasteable items every day, refreshing at 5:00 AM, 12:00 PM, and 6:00 PM EST.

Daily Reward

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Another free way to get your hands on a few extra materials and currency is the Daily Reward available on the Daily Supply Box screen of the store. It doesn’t come with much, but it is free of any requirement other than a click.

Check Simulacra logs

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Giving gifts to your Simulacra will eventually unlock logs — text chats with the character you can complete at your leisure. These will sometimes update at the daily reset, so if you’ve progressed your Simulacra Awakening enough, check the Friends menu to see if there are any new messages.