Where to get Fungal Spores in Genshin Impact – Fungal Spore Locations

What’s a fungi to do?

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Genshin Impact has a few mechanics for adventurers to sink their time into: exploration, enemies, materials, and discovery, to name a few. Fungal Spores manage to combine a few of these mechanics for the sake of being able to increase the level of items and characters, and finding it is relatively simple once you know what you’re doing.

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Genshin enemies that drop Fungal Spore

Fungal Spores are an enemy loot drop from any type of mushroom foe below level 40. It’s a common drop: eliminating any enemy mushroom-types has a possibility of dropping Fungal Spores, along with a bit of Mora and a similar chance to drop Inactivated Fungal Nucleus. The following enemies are considered to be of the Fungal type, thus offering the drop:

  • Floating Hydro Fungus
  • Floating Dendro Fungus
  • Whirling Cryo Fungus
  • Whirling Electro Fungus
  • Stretchy Goo Fungus
  • Stretchy Pyro Fungus
  • Stretchy Anemo Fungus
  • Grounded Hydroshroom
  • Winged Cryoshroom
  • Winged Dendroshroom

Fungal Spore locations

Players can find these Fungal enemies abundantly within Mawtiyima Forest, the same place where the Rukkhashava Mushrooms spawn. Western Sumeru, closer the the desert-like region of Vanarana holds a large cluster of Fungal enemies, as does Devantaka Mountain and Apam Woods.

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It’s important to note that, above level 40, Fungal-type enemies can drop upgraded versions of Fungal Spores, such as Luminescent Pollen and Crystalline Cyst Dust. Players specifically seeking Fungal Spores should ensure their party is low-level enough to spawn less Fungal foes.

While a few characters currently use Fungal Spores for leveling, only Tighnari currently uses Fungal Spores for early ascensions. Two weapons, the End of the Line and Fruit of Fulfillment, use Fungal Spores for ascending. Tighnari also needs the Lunar Lotus, titled the Nilotpala Lotus in-game, for further ascensions.

Thankfully, Fungal enemies tend to be relatively easy to eliminate, at least until multiple elemental types stack together. Maintain a diverse party with multiple element types, keep your party health high with various foodstuffs (like Lambad Fish Rolls using Harrah Fruit and Sumeru Rose), and watch for those nasty elemental procs.