Where to get Rare Candy in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

There are several opportunities for you to pick up this level booster.

Screenshot via Nintendo’s YouTube channel

Rare Candy in Pokémon Legends: Arceus can be a major help to those who’ve found themselves stuck with underwhelming Pokémon. As with previous installments, the Rare Candy can be given to any Pokémon in your party and grants them a full boost in level. With Noble and Alpha Pokémon being a worthy challenge, this item is surely one of the quickest solutions to these foes, and can be picked up in many places.

For one, you’ll notice that several quests will offer Rare Candies and its EXP Candy variant throughout the Hisui region. This includes one of the first quests you’ll be able to complete, Bothersome Bidoof, which can be started by speaking to Tsumugi in Jubilife Village.

Speaking of Jubilife Village, another great method for nabbing a Rare Candy is by purchasing it through the town’s Trading Post. As it only takes Merit Points, you may need to do some roaming around first and find satchels in order to buy items from the shop. One piece of Rare Candy goes for 1,000 Merit Points, a generous price considering each satchel will lend you up to 100 Merit Points.

Once you’ve finally acquired a candy, it should be used very wisely, as not only can it evolve most Pokémon, but it may even help some learn Agile and Strong attack styles.

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