Where to search for ancient text at Shattered Slabs in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Find three scrolls in the game’s largest POI.

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1’s Oathbound questline is finally coming to end, and its last challenges essentially function as hunts for strange items around the map. This includes the quest of searching for ancient text at Shattered Slabs, as Rift Warden Stellan demands players discover three inside the location in order to retrieve the next challenge. Here’s where to find the ancient text at Shattered Slabs in Fortnite’s Oathbound quests.

How to complete the search for ancient text at Shattered Slabs Oathbound quest in Fortnite

For those unfamiliar, the Shattered Slabs POI is set in the bottom left corner of the map, resting directly south of The Citadel’s castle. After you have reached the slabs, you will find that the ancient text comes in the form of a scroll that hides behind in the center of particular buildings. You can find all three of the ancient text locations below.

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Ancient text location #1: The first ancient text can be discovered at the south end of Shattered Slabs, inside a small hunt next to the POI’s central hill.
  • Ancient text location #2: North of the hill, the second collectible is within the hut connected to the location’s wooden bridge.
  • Ancient text location #3: For the final text, you can make your way to the building at the most northern point of Shattered Slabs. It can be found next to the home’s first-floor bookcase in the living room.

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Upon finding all three scrolls, you will be granted an additional 20,000 XP toward your Battle Pass level as well as another Oathbound quest tasking you with making contact with Rift Warden Stellan in Slappy Shores. Aside from Oathbound, those wanting to complete all of the season’s questlines may want to turn their attention toward unlocking Geralt of Rivia in his own The Witcher quests or earning four cosmetics from the latest Cipher challenges.