Where to search papers at Lonely Labs in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Help the Rift Warden solve for the Rift Gate’s problems.

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With Chapter 4 Season 1 coming to an end in just mere days, Fortnite is closing out the season with the conclusion of the Oathbound questline. The first of its final stages sees players head over to Lonely Labs in order to retrieve documents for Rift Warden Stellan, though each is hidden at hard-to-spot locations inside the POI. Here’s where to search papers at Lonely Labs in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1.

How to complete the search papers at Lonely Labs Oathbound quest in Fortnite

If you have yet to travel to the snowy region, Lonely Labs can be discovered in the top-right corner of the map and is made up of a collection of small, orange research buildings. Once you’re there, you will then need to pick up all three of Rift Warden Stellan’s papers to complete this phase of the Oathbound questline. You can find all paper locations marked and detailed below.

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  • Paper location #1: In the building on the west side of Lonely Labs, the first document can be located in front of a blue locker in the top-left corner of the lab.
  • Paper location #2: The second document is on the left side of the location’s widest building and rests next to a pool table.
  • Paper location #3: From the last document, you should work your way east to the other side of the building. The last document sits left of this side of the building’s exit.

Aside from the Oathbound questline, players still have time to also complete the Cipher event quests. These include a batch of challenges that are only written in a series of numbers, and players must use a unique formula in order to decode them. However, one other challenge in the questline even features posters that seem to tease a new Chapter 4 Season 2 location.