Who is the strongest follower in Diablo 3?

Will Kormac have your back or will Eirena charm your heart?

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Expanding on a concept started in Diablo II, Diablo III gives its players the option to have followers. However, you don’t have to pay for these followers and they don’t run the risk of dying and you paying to re-hire them. Instead, Diablo III followers are permanent allies who, in the worst-case scenario, just need to recharge their health before joining you back in the fray. Fully equippable and able to stock their own four special skills, followers can make your character even stronger. So let’s go over which follower helps the most: the Scoundrel Lyndon, the Templar Kormac, or The Enchantress Eirena?


Few classes do best with Lyndon by their side. He may be a fun, anti-hero-type character with some great quips, but those don’t make up for his lack of skills. After all, he doesn’t play a hard tank like Templar or do the kind of damage that the Enchantress does. Instead, he runs mostly support skills, adding critical hit buffs to your character. He’s a good enough companion for Crusader players, but even then, many players will find they prefer the Enchantress anyway.

Lyndon is a great friend if you’re just playing Diablo for fun. You’ll enjoy his jokes and comebacks as he’s easily the funniest of the three followers. But if you want to min-max your character damage, he’s the worst follower of the lot so you’ll just have to leave him in town.


When it comes to magic-heavy classes, the Templar is their best option. Wizards, Necromancers, and Witch Doctors will all be better heroes with this honor-bound warrior by their side. The Templar is low on damage, but if you gear him up well you can melt crowds together. Kormac is a great tank to pull front-line damage off you, heal you in times of need, and taunt or stun a horde of enemies from crowding you. He even can save you from killing blows by rushing to your side, knocking back enemies, and giving you health and a shield. He’s a true guardian.

However, you should still give your mage or summoner some escape moves of their own. After all, he does fall after a certain amount of damage and you don’t want to be doomed without his support.


Eirena does the most damage, supports the strongest classes, and therefore is the best, most well-rounded follower in the game. While she can’t protect magic-based classes, she can help turn them into even bigger glass cannons if you’re into that. And when it comes to melee classes, she turns them into a living weapon with a fully-armed support mage. She charms enemies, lowers cooldowns, buffs defense, damage, and speed stats, as well as obliterates people with her own magic abilities (if you choose to level them up). Whether you make her a support or damage mage, Eirena is game-changing for any Monk, Barbarian, Crusader, or Demon Hunter, so make sure to use her well. She knew from the beginning it was her new destiny to be by your side, so embrace it.