Will Fortnite OG Season Have NPC Vendors & Bounty Boards?

Some features will be missing during Fortnite’s OG Season, and players are curious if NPC Vendors and Bounty Boards will be there.


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Fortnite’s OG Season will be a massive throwback to the many features, items, and content that haven’t been seen since Chapter 1. Back then, there wasn’t as much content as there is now, such as no NPC Vendors or Bounty Boards.

During the Fortnite OG Season, there will be a lot of changes coming to the game. Many players are curious if the NPC vendors will remain and if you can still hunt down other players using Bounty Boards. Will Fortnite OG Season still have NPC Vendors you can visit, and Bounty Boards you can use?

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Does Fortnite OG Season Have Bounty Boards & NPC Vendors?

Leading up to the reveal of the Fortnite OG Season with the original map, many who are looking through the code have picked up that NPCs are not there. Anything related to the Bounty Boards, NPC vendors, Augments, and Llana Vending Machines are not appearing for Fortnite’s OG Season, which tracks anyone who participated in Fortnite Chapter 1 when many of these features were never there in the first place. These were introduced later in Fortnite’s history, and will likely return when Fortnite OG Season concludes on December 3, 2023.

Right now, this is what the data in Fortnite’s code is showing. However, these details may change throughout the Fortnite OG Season. We know, for example, that each week a series of weapons, items, and vehicles will appear, rotating out fan favorites with others, and there will likely be some that remain throughout the entire event, but it’s not clear which ones will always be there.

For anyone who doesn’t remember Fortnite’s Chapter 1 too much, it might be a shock to see the removal of NPC vendors and Bounty Boards. This will certainly change up the gameplay for anyone playing during Fortnite’s OG season, but there’s a lot of potential to see what the game was like well before these were added. Because of this throwback, Gold Bars might also disappear, forcing players to exclusively use materials to pay for items.

As it stands, leading up to Fortnite OG Season, don’t expect to see NPCs on the map to exchange items with. You also won’t get any hints about other player locations with the bounty boards. We can expect this for the first week, but it might change as the Fortnite OG Season continues throughout November 2023.