Are Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Early Access Servers Down?

Call of Duty is currently experiencing a server outage, so we’ve got a server status hub setup so you know if you can get into the game.

Operators from Modern Warfare 3 look to retread some familiar stomping grounds in Favela.

Image via Activision

Modern Warfare 3’s Early Access Period kicked off on November 2, and now multiple Call of Duty titles are experiencing service outages, with the servers being down across the franchise.

Fans around the world have waited eagerly for the next chapter of the Call of Duty Franchise, and many have opted in for early access ahead of the game’s official launch. However, MW3 relies on a server connection to be played, and some fans are experiencing problems.

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Are CoD: MW3 Early Access Servers Down?

The battleground of Favela returns in Modern Warfare 3.
Image via Activision.

Thankfully, Call of Duty MW3 and MW2 servers are up. The previous issue was resolved as of 5:00 PM EST. Not only were players locked out of the campaign, but those hoping to jump into other CoD games while they waited were also out of luck.

That’s all behind us now, and with any luck the game should be back up and running with minimal issues. CoD’s official update states players “should not observe a loss in Campaign completion progress”, but challenges and other miscellaneous bits of gameplay tracking may take some time to properly update.

Call of Duty content creator and pro commentator dreamcrazzy has separately reported an error code that appears to be related to ownership of the game, and a fix for that has been deployed to various levels of successful.

“Daily login: Can’t login due to MINOT-HAWTHORNE whatever that means,” she tweeted.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay
Image via Activision

As I wrote in the “Disc Required” bugfix guide, these kinds of issues regularly happen on Call of Duty launch days. Typically, Multiplayer tends to be the problem area, but it’s clear that MW3’s campaign is going to be a bit of a bumpy ride for now.

Now that you can get into the game, we have some early guides for you to check out. It’s not going to be easy to hunt down Makarov and his forces on higher difficulties, so you might as well take advantage of some free know-how before you join the fight yourself.