Cult of the Lamb promises “free major content updates” as sales pass 1 million copies

A lot of people have seen the light.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Cult of the Lamb has been gleefully turning its players into despicable cult leaders for one week as of the time of this writing. In that short time, it’s also managed to pass one million copies sold. Scientology wishes it could put up numbers like that.

The team at developer Massive Monster tweeted a thank you to those million players. “We are eternally grateful for your devotion” it reads. It also mentions that “this is only the beginning” for the game, as “tweaks, fixes, and free major content updates” are on the way. There have been a handful of bugs reported for the game in general, with those playing the game on Nintendo Switch having a particularly rough time, so those improvements will be welcome. More free content is also good, although it shouldn’t come as a big surprise — Cult of the Lamb’s main menu has had a roadmap tab since day one. In the meantime, those who encounter any issues can report them to Massive Monster through a Google form.

In celebration of hitting the million-player milestone, the team also released a new accolades trailer. Cult of the Lamb has received strong critical acclaim, including a near-perfect score from Gamepur. You can see the other praise for yourself in the trailer:

Cult of the Lamb has achieved success by marrying procedurally generated roguelike elements with an Animal Crossing-style home base — the titular cult that you control. With a million players, everyone can use help sometimes. If you need a hand managing either part of the game, we’ve got you covered. On the combat side, we have boss guides for the game’s four Bishops: Leshy, Heket, Kallamar, and Shamura. In regards to taking care of your camp, we can show you how to unlock Follower Forms and what to do with Dissenting Followers who enter the fold.