Elden Ring fan builds incredible diorama of Flying Dragon Agheel

Seriously, this is beautiful.

Image via FromSoftware

Half a year after its launch, Elden Ring continues to inspire its players in really creative ways. Perhaps that’s to be expected from one of America’s best-selling games of all time. In any case, this creation from Reddit user TheChondroCompany is one of the most gorgeous crafts to be inspired by the game that we’ve ever seen.

Sharing their work on Reddit, TheChondroCompany has created a diorama of the Flying Dragon Agheel boss battle in Elden Ring. One of several dragon encounters in the game, Agheel swoops down as you cross the shallow lake that shares its name, blasting you with fire as it glides across the surface. Take a look at the craftsmanship below.

Image via TheChondroCompany

The fire blast in particular looks stunning, and it turns out it’s just cotton wrapped around and LED. “Just” is one way to phrase it, since the diorama is constructed from materials like foam and resin — it’s TheChondroCompany’s skill and vision that brought it all to life. Agheel itself is a 3D-printed model, and the same goes for the Prisoner character facing up at the boss from below. More photos at different angles are available in the Reddit thread.

It’s a truly impressive piece of art, and TheChondroCompany is taking requests about what to build next. The Radahn Festival, a Walking Mausoleum, and Astel Naturalborn of the Void have all been suggested so far. TheChondroCompany also plans to document their process with YouTube videos in the future.

We’ve seen a few different physical crafts from the Elden Ring community at this point. In July, a hand-crafted dishware company created an Iron Fist Alexander mug, putting a nice spin on the Living Jar’s round form. Most fan creations have come within the game itself though. Mods are the easiest example to give. New classes have been added, the game’s difficulty has been upped, and even the likes of Thomas the Tank Engine have found their way to The Lands Between thanks to the mod scene. Expect even more fan creations as time goes on.