Fortnite OG Bug Randomly Teleports Players Across Chapter 1 Map

Players have been reporting random teleportation while battling in Fortnite OG, seeing them fight in one location and die in another.

top landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4

Image via Epic

Players have flocked to Fortnite with the Fortnite OG season that’s currently live. However, some are reporting experiences of a strange bug that teleports them seamlessly across the map with no explanation as to why.

Fortnite OG takes players back to the game’s Chapter 1 map, and players worldwide have hopped into the game to enjoy the nostalgia, even if they didn’t play it the first time around. However, some players are sharing a strange bug that appears to randomly teleport them across the map, leaving them dazed and confused and often at the mercy of any players they accidentally teleport into.

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Players Randomly Teleport Across Fortnite OG’s Map and They Don’t Know Why

The first place we saw this bug appear was from a player on Reddit. In the heat of battle, they didn’t realize they were teleported from Tilted Towers to Lucky Landing. Only after they’d defeated their opponent did they scan their surroundings and see what had happened.

While some fans in the replies to the post attempted to reason that the bug is a culmination of built-up momentum that was triggered when the player hit the ground, it’s not an isolated incident. Others have been sharing the exact same bug on Twitter.

The bug is being experienced by yet more players, as a second post popped up on Twitter that shows exactly the same thing. In these follow-up cases, no one has any idea why this could be happening. It seems to be a genuine glitch.

The sheer volume of players in Fortnite may mean that bugs like this are easier to capture and share. Interestingly, the community doesn’t appear to be angry about them. They’re having much too good a time in their favorite battle royale. “Ngl, I love little bugs like this.. also nice kill.”

We believe that since this bug doesn’t break anything, players are happy to live with it. If anything, it adds another layer of randomization to every match. “That transition was clean! Really does make it look like a feature.”

While it’s obviously not a feature, the bug comes at an interesting time for Fortnite because of how teleportation links with some of the seasons from Chapter 1. As that Chapter came to a close, the Rift became a huge part of the story, so the bug is almost lore-friendly at this point.