Fortnite upgrades performance and resolution on Switch with rare, new patch

The exclusive update will be shrinking game file sizes, while boosting graphical fidelity.


Image via Epic Games

It’s no secret that playing Fortnite on Nintendo Switch is more frustrating than playing on any other console, mostly due to its vulnerability to frame rate drops and blurred environments. Now, Epic Games has announced a new update exclusively for the hybrid console in hopes of leveling the playing field.

The patch, which is now available, is said to be bolstering both the game’s performance and resolution, no matter if its being played in handheld or docked mode. In result, Epic insists players will spot cleaner images and “a more consistent frame rate, with fewer hitches, resulting in a smoother experience.”

As of today, Fortnite will now run at 1170×660 in Switch’s handheld mode, which is a 38% boost compared to its original 1000×560. While docked, the game will be replacing its former 1390×780 resolution for a refreshing 1560×880. In its debut side-by-side comparison, it’s apparent that structures off in the distance will now seem more detailed than they originally appeared.

Aside from the surprise facelift, the title will also be gifting a tad more space on hard drives. The developer has stated the game has been shrunken down by almost 140MB, thanks to the latest patch.

So, now is surely as good a time as any to give the famed title on the Switch a try, especially with its new Season 6 allowing players to upgrade their weapons, hunt chickens, and even find strange new raptors.

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