Gotham Knights release date possibly leaked by Irish retailer

Someone should’ve blocked this Bat Signal.

Gotham Knights Robin

Image via WB Interactive Entertainment

One year ago, Gotham Knights was delayed into 2022. We haven’t heard a concrete release date since, but a certain retailer in Ireland may have just let it slip.

We don’t actually know the name of the Irish game store, so take all of this with a healthy grain of salt. Twitter user @HogwartsLegacyN, a go-to source for news about the Harry Potter game of the same name, claims to have spotted a Gotham Knights game box with an attached April 24 release date sticker. The photo in the tweet looks pretty reliable, but do keep in mind that we haven’t seen a public date as of this writing. That said, there’s more than a month before the date posted here, so there are plenty of opportunities for WB Games Montreal to say something official.

This isn’t the first time that potential information about a Warner Bros. game has slipped out — not even the first time today. Just hours before the time of this writing, a datamine of crossover fighting game MultiVersus uncovered the possibility of Wreck-It Ralph and Naruto being added to the game. Funny enough, MultiVersus puts you in control of Batman, but Gotham Knights doesn’t. Your team of heroes for the co-op action game is composed of Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood.