Hatsune Miku will be joining Fall Guys soon, leaks indicate

Well, she is used to being on stage.

Image via Sega and Krypton Future Media

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a hotbed of crossovers. The battle royale obstacle course game has brought over characters from games like Sonic and Fatal Fury, as well as real-world wrestlers from the WWE. It looks like Hatsune Miku, the biggest vocaloid pop singer in the world, will be making her debut soon too.

Fall Guys leak account @FGPancake shared a series of images on Twitter that show off Miku’s look in the game. She might look a little silly as a squat Fall Guys costume, but fans of the pop diva will still be happy to see her join the competition. Two costumes are shown in Pancake’s tweets: one with a school uniform look and one with an outdoorsy combo of a sweater and scarf. There’s also a Miku-inspired backpack worn by a bean in a blue outfit that features silhouettes the singer. Pancake says that “one [of these] is for [the] live event,” suggesting that Miku will get a bigger in-game celebration than just the costumes. That was the case with the recent Sonic event.

We’ll have to see exactly what Miku’s Fall Guys arrival entails, but the leak looks quite reliable for now. The aforementioned Sonic-inspired stage and Fatal Fury crossover skins were both leaked ahead of their actual release. Hatsune Miku is only one part of Pancake’s under-the-table Season 2 preview. They also shared a look at the complete battle pass in a YouTube video. The Miku skins are unlocked about midway through the 200 tiers, and Star Trek‘s Spock and Alien‘s Xenomorph also make appearances.

There are a lot of great Legendary outfits in Fall Guys, and these new seasonal additions just might make the cut too. In the meantime, you can score a free Legendary costume piece with very little effort. It’s called Grandis, and it makes your bean weirdly tall.