World first solo Eureka Orthos Deep Dungeon cleared by Warrior in Final Fantasy XIV

All the way to floor 100!

Image via Square Enix

The new Eureka Orthos Deep Dungeon added in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.35 is proving quite the challenging experience for players. Deep Dungeons in FFXIV are rogue-like instances within the MMO that offer more and more challenges as you progress through the floors. They can be tackled in a group of up to four players, but braving the deepest floors alone is a challenge only a few take up. Surprisingly, the world’s first Eureka Orthos solo clear has already been claimed by a Warrior in Final Fantasy XIV just 21 hours after launch.

Pillowy Zeal, a Lalafell player from the Ragnarok server, claimed the title when they defeated the 100th floor of Eureka Orthos on March 8. It took some time for the servers to update to confirm that they are indeed the first to accomplish this feat, but Pillowy Zeal took on this challenge as a Warrior, stating that the job’s self-healing let them focus on damage over survival.

This is not the first Deep Dungeon that the player has cleared solo, and they believe it is also not the hardest of the three currently available. Eureka Orthos differs from Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High in the fact that the challenge comes mostly from learning mob mechanics and just staying focused as almost all mistakes will kill you in one hit.

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Pillowy Zeal believes that the challenge is made easier by using a tank job, but states that DPS should also be able to accomplish it with some health potions and perfect play on bosses. While the task was challenging, it was not too time-consuming and no questionable plugins were utilized in the clear. They do state that the enemies between floors 1 and 40 have too much health, and should be nerfed as the lower floors shouldn’t be this difficult.

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All in all, this player had a lot of fun completing Eureka Orthos. Deep Dungeons are just another piece of content that truly sets Final Fantasy XIV apart from other MMOs, and we salute Pillowy Zeal on their dedication and success in Eureka Orthos.