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How To Get Rare Drops in For Honor

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For Honor Rare Drops

Certain Rare Drops in For Honor offer you to get better gears in the game that will later help you to fight effectively in the battle.

How to Get Mythic Outfits in For Honor

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For Honor Mythic Outfit

There are some Mythic Outfits in the game which you can use to add some extra pinch of customization on the lead characters. Refer the guide for more info.

How to Handle Groups of Enemies in For Honor

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For Honor Tackle Group

Tackling group of enemies are quite a challenge in For Honor, if you are able to do this, you don't really need much support to penetrate the enemy camps. Try some of our tips.

$1000 Best Budget Gaming PC For 2017

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Budget Gaming PC For $1000 - 2017 Edition

Our second article in the Budget Gaming PC 2017 series. This time around we build a Gaming PC Specs for $1000.

How to Get Honorable Kills in For Honor

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Honorable Kills For Honor

Honorable Kill is an easy way of taking the opponent down when you are fighting face to face. Checkout the guide to know how to perform this.

How to turn on Quick Chat in For Honor

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For Honor Quick Chat Settings

Quick Chat is an essential way to staying in touch with your team members when you are playing multiplayer battles. Refer the guide to find a way to turn it on.

For Honor Getting Major Gameplay Improvements, Ubisoft Details All New Incoming Changes

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For Honor Gameplay Improvements Detailed

Ubisoft has announced that some major gameplay changes are incoming to For Honor. In a post on Reddit, Ubisoft detailed all the new changes incoming to the game.

PREY Gameplay Length Depends On The Style Of The Player, Playtest Clock In Around 20 Hours

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Arkane Studios has revealed gameplay length of PREY, and also confirmed multiple endings in the game.

For Honor Chapter 1 Knights Collectibles Locations Guide

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Chapter 1 Knights Collectibles

For Honor has a bunch of observable and breakables. The breakables offer you some steel that can be later used in the game for upgrades. You can follow the guide for locations.

How To Get Umi-Bozu’s Eyestone in Nioh

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Umibozu Eyestone

Umi-Bozu is a boss that appears at the end of Chapter 6 The Ocean Roars Again.