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Hitman Episode 5 - Colorado Freedom Fighters Walkthrough

Vignesh Rao Add Comment
Hitman Episode 5 Walkthrough

Episode 5 Walkthrough in Hitman will show you how to take down all 4 targets - Sean Rose, Penelope Graves, Ezra Berg and Maya Parvati. Also how to complete the mission without getting noticed.

Titanfall 2 SinglePlayer Info/Footage Coming On Sept 29, Game Has Gone Gold

Sehran Shaikh Add Comment
Titanfall 2

Prepare yourself for Titanfall 2 Singleplayer footage and information, it is incoming on September 29. Respawn Entertainment also confirmed that Titanfall 2 has gone gold.

Dishonored 2 Achievement List Revealed, Includes Story Spoilers

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The full Dishonored 2 Achievement list has been revealed by Arkane Studios. Fans should read this Dishonored 2 Achievement list carefully and at their own risk as it contain lot of story spoilers.

Forza Horizon 3 XB1 vs PC Graphics Comparison: Both Versions Live Up To Expectations

Paolo Sirio Add Comment
Forza Horizon 3

Looks like Forza Horizon 3 is almost as good on PC Windows 10 as it is on Xbox One. As reported by Digital Foundry, there is a slight and obvious difference between the two builds, but this is nothing as noticeable as one would expect by claims like 4K and unlocked FPS.

Battlefield 1 Story Mode Will Have An Anthology Format, Featuring Multiple Protagonists

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Battlefield 1

DICE shared new Battlefield 1 story details confirming Anthology format and appearace of multiple protagonists.

The Division Patch 1.4 Full Changelog Details New Stuff Coming To PC, PS4 And Xbox One

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Tom Clancy's The Division Patch 1.14

The changelog of The Division Patch 1.4 is now available detailing all the new stuffs coming to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Massive Destiny 2 Info Leaked: Playspace On Saturn, Story Is On Cabal, No Returning Characters

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Destiny 2

A new Destiny 2 leak suggests that the game will introduce new playspace on Saturn which is going to be bigger than other planets. The storyline focus is going to be on Cabal, no returning characters and inventories.

Watch Dogs 2 Customization Options Bigger And Better Than Original, Watch The First Glimpse

Sehran Shaikh Add Comment
Watch Dogs 2

The customization options in Watch Dogs 2 is bigger (in terms of number) than origina game. YouTube user Arekkz shared the first glimpse of available customization option in Watch Dogs 2. Watch it now.

Gears of War 4 XB1 Pre-Load Live Now, Size 54.6GB, PC Pre-loading Delayed

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Gears of War 4

Gears of War 4 is now available for pre-loading on Xbox One. The size of the pre-load build is 54.6GB. The PC version pre-loading has been delayed, however, The Coalition assured gamers that it will be available before launch.

Battlefield 1 Single-Player Campaign Trailer Is Incredible, It's War Like Never Before

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Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Single-Player campaign trailer is out now. All the gameplay sequences showcased in the trailer are captured "In-Game", graphics and visuals are incredible.