All Level 3 Sandwich Recipes in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

There are several ingredients you need to use when making level 3 Sandwiches in Scarlet & Violet, and this guide shows you how to do it.

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The picnic activity in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet is a good way to spend some time with your Pokémon, and you receive multiple bonuses by making sandwiches. To add to the snack party, Level 3 Sandwich Recipes are the primary way to unlock some of the best bonuses in Scarlet and Violet.

The best sandwiches you can make are Level 3 Sandwich Recipes, which follow a strict recipe you need to use to reach this level. These bonuses include increasing your chances of encountering specific Pokémon in the wild, gaining more experience points, and even finding shiny versions of Pokemon. Here’s what you need to know about all Level 3 Sandwich Recipes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet to get normal encounters using Level 3 Sandwiches.

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How to Make Level 3 Sandwiches in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

A Wonderful Life Sandwich
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It’s important to note you won’t be able to make Level 3 sandwiches until you reach the end of the game, where you can increase your chances of getting normal encounters. This will happen after the credits have rolled and you have worked through the Paldea region, defeating the Gym Leaders again.

When this happens, you proceed to the final tournament. Jacq will reach out to you shortly after this in Scarlet & Violet, requesting you take on five-star Tera Raids, and after you’ve done enough, six-star raids become available.

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The five and six-star raids are important because they can drop Herba Mystica, a core ingredient for level 3 sandwiches in Scarlet & Violet. You will need to use at least two Herba Mystica anything you want to craft a level 3 Sandwich, which means having to grind these raids consistently. There are five types of Herba Mystica: Sweet Herba Mystica, Salty Herba Mystica, Sour Herba Mystica, Bitter Herba Mystica, and Spicy Herba Mystica.

Once you have enough of those ingredients, you can start crafting Level 3 Sandwiches. All level 3 sandwiches follow the same format, where you must use one Cucumber, one Pickle, and then three servings of a specific ingredient. This ingredient will vary based on the Pokémon type you want to focus on. These are all the Pokémon type ingredients for level 3 sandwiches. Again, make sure you only use three of one ingredient. Do not mix and match them.

  • Bug-type: Cherry Tomato
  • Dark-type: Smoked Fillet
  • Dragon-type: Avocado
  • Electric-type: Yellow Pepper
  • Fairy-type: Tomato
  • Fighting-type: Pickle
  • Fire-type: Red Pepper
  • Flying-type: Prosciutto
  • Ghost-type: Red Onion
  • Grass-type: Lettuce
  • Ground-type: Ham
  • Ice-type: Kalwf Stick
  • Normal-type: Tofu
  • Poison-type: Green Pepper
  • Psychic-type: Onion
  • Rock-type: Bacon
  • Steel-type: Hamburger
  • Water-type: Cucumber

Once you’ve used those ingredients, you need to add two Herba Mystica, and they can be of any kind, but there are some rules you need to follow.

  • Remember never to mix Sweet and Sour Herba Mystica, as these do not work.
  • Using two Sweet Herba Mystica will not work for Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Fighting, Normal, or Water-type level 3 sandwiches.
  • Finally, if you use two Sour Herba Mystica, they do not work for Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost, Ice, or Normal-type level 3 sandwiches.

Those are the final steps. Now, whenever you sit down and make a sandwich at a picnic in Scarlet & Violet, you can have it come back to you as a level 3 sandwich, which will greatly benefit you in completing your Pokédex.

Again, Level 3 Sandwiches in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet are extremely important. The tough part can be getting enough Herba Mystica to make enough of these sandwiches. Our best recommendation is to go after specific Pokémon that have a higher chance of dropping Herba Mystica from five and six-star raids. You can find some of the best Herba Mystica by farming in the Indigo Disk region, at the Blueberry Academy.