Best Sucrose build in Genshin Impact

The Alchemist of Favonius is here to sweeten the deal.

Sucrose Idle Animation in Genshin Impact

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Despite her timid demeanor, Sucrose, Albedo’s mint-haired assistant alchemist, can pack a punch with her Anemo kit in combat. Similar to Kazuha or Venti, her primary roles are Sub-DPS and Support, providing crowd control and Swirl to trigger more Elemental Reactions with her party members. Attaining C1 in her Constellations is a massive buff, granting her two charges for her Swirl-applying Elemental Skill. However, this mechanic is not necessary to make this sugar-labeled alchemist great in battle. Instead, understanding the proper weapon, Artifacts, and team comp best fit Sucrose is what will make her an effective Catalyst user.

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Best weapon for Sucrose in Genshin Impact

Best Sucrose Weapon in Genshin Impact
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Both the Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers and Sacrificial Fragments are excellent weapons for our Mondstadt alchemist. However, Sacrificial Fragments is the best weapon for Sucrose in Genshin Impact due to its ability to potentially grant her another charge for her Elemental Skill. TToDS is a solid pick, but the single character ATK boost is negligible when considering how Sucrose’s Wind Spirit encompasses the Elemental Reaction damage of her whole team. Both of these weapons can be acquired from any Wish Banner.

Best Artifact Set for Sucrose in Genshin Impact

Best Sucrose Artifact Set in Genshin Impact
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Just as Blizzard Strayer is a must-have Artifact Set for freezing Cryo characters like Ayaka in Genshin Impact, it is hard to recommend any other set for Sucrose than the Viridescent Venerer. Obtainable from Mondstadt’s Valley of Remembrance Domain, the Viridescent Venerer bolsters Anemo and Swirl DMG while also reducing enemies’ Elemental RES to the Elemental Reactions triggered by Sucrose’s abilities. 

Best team comps for Sucrose in Genshin Impact

Best Sucrose Freeze Team in Genshin Impact
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While there are Sucrose teams that are notably better than others in terms of their overall meta-damage output in Genshin Impact, the assistant alchemist’s Swirl and Anemo utility are so versatile that you can comfortably put her with dozens of possible comps. Nevertheless, to keep things simple, we recommend three teams where Sucrose’s capabilities shine best, the first being Sucrose – Ayaka – Ganyu – Kokomi. Ganyu and Ayaka’s freezing capacity is a favorite combat mechanic of ours, and Kokomi and Surcrose pair well together for Swirling Hydro and Cryo. 

Best Sucrose Taser Team in Genshin Impact
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Next is the popular Sucrose Taser team, consisting of Sucrose – Fischl – Beidou – Xingqiu. The goal of this team is to apply Hydro with Xingqiu, after which you can create ample amounts of Electro-Charged reactions with Beidou and Fischl’s abilities enhanced with Swirl. 

Best Sucrose Sukokomon Team in Genshin Impact
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The third-best team comp for Sucrose in Genshin Impact is the renowned “Sukokomon,” which refers to the “Pokémon-like” creatures of Kokomi, Fischl, and Xiangling combined with Sucrose’s Wind Spirits. The massive number of Elemental Reactions this team is able to pull off makes it an excellent party to take into the Spiral Abyss.