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Far Cry 5 is an action-adventure open-world game. You will start as a novice landing in Hope County and fight to overpower the cultist rule of Father Joseph Seed. The map is divided into three regions, each controlled by separate bosses. You have to earn resistance points to free the regions from the evil rule. The missions are non-linear, you can play as you want, finally, when you have enough resistance points you will face the final boss of the region. In total there are four bosses, Jacob Seed, John Seed, Faith Seed and Joseph Seed. There are also multiple endings in the game.

Far Cry 5 Wiki Walkthrough


  1. The Resistance: This is the beginning part of Far Cry 5, you will be playing a mission after which the entire map reveals all regions.
  2. Holland Valley: This region is ruled by John Seed, you will be playing the various mission to gather resistance points to free the region.
  3. Henbane River: This region is ruled by Faith Seed, you will be playing the various mission to gather resistance points to free the region.
  4. Whitetail Mountains & Ending: This region is ruled by Jacob Seed, you will be playing the various mission to gather resistance points to free the region from Jacob and finally meeting the main boss Joseph Seed.

Tips and Tricks

Collectible Locations:

Weapons Location

  • Magnopulser Weapon Location: Manopulser is a secret space weapon in the game, it is powerful and offers you to fire explosives. Check this guide for its location.

Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars DLC Walkthrough

  • Control Center Antenna – This is the beginning of Lost on Mars DLC, after landing on Moon you will have to explore the space station and learn about crafting.
  • Dismembered And Transference Center – After finishing Control Center Antenna you will progress to the map where you can see more locations. At Dismembered you will get the location of an energy core and in Transference Center you will upgrade Hurk to a Brobot, which is a battle drone.
  • Midnight Mountain Antenna And Mine – You will see many antenne’s on the map, you have to activate all of them one by one. There are also mining facilities that will strengthen Anne’s power.
  • Ending Walkthrough – In this final part of Far Cry 5: Lost On Mars walkthrough you will find guides on all antenna’s, research centers, mining area, etc.

Far Cry 5 Dead Living Zombies DLC Walkthrough

  • Dead Living Zombies Walkthrough: This one is the final free DLC for Far Cry 5, there are 7 missions in this DLC. The missions are basically the story narrated by a b-movie writer who is trying to pitch his script to various directors.
  • How To Unlock All 7 Achievements: The new DLC has 7 new Achievements for players to unlock in the game. Out of these 7 Achievements, 4 Achievements are Secret. In this guide, you can find step to unlock them all.

Lost On Marks Tips & Collectibles Guide

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