Where Is the Ice Throne in Fortnite?


We are approaching the end of Winterfest 2019, but there are still daily challenges in Fortnite. A location you may need to know for today’s challenge is the Ice Throne. The challenge requires you to search ammo boxes at the Ice Throne, The Workshop, or the Shiver Inn. You only need to search for two ammo boxes, and you can do it at any of the three locations.

Ice Throne Location Fortnite

You can find the Ice Throne to the north of Pleasant Park, marked on the map above. This structure is a massive structure made from ice, so it is tough to miss. There is a flat platform about halfway up that you can land on if you wish, and it has several smaller rooms and stairs containing ammo boxes and chests for you to loot.

It is also a pretty busy spot right now, with lots of players wanting to check it out and explore it for themselves. Be careful firefights are likely to happen if you’re going to check it out right now.

If you need help with any of the other Winterfest Challenges, you can find guides for them linked below. You have until Jan. 7 to finish these up and get your free holiday loot.