How Power Level works in the Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover event

Charge your Power Level up to earn free Emotes and in-game accessories.

Image via Epic Games

From Kamehamehas to Super Saiyan skins, Fortnite has done just about everything to emphasize it’s hosting a Dragon Ball crossover event. Players will even notice this in the in-game menus, as a new Dragon Ball Power Unleashed tab makes mention of increasing your Power Level. This particular level may not have anything to do with your Battle Pass level, but it can be just as rewarding. Here’s what Power Level is and how you can raise yours in Fortnite.

What is Power Level and how do you get it Fortnite?

Power Level in Fortnite essentially measures the progress you have made in the Dragon Ball Power Unleashed questline. As you’ll notice in the Quests tab, some of the Power Unleashed challenges are accompanied by small lightning bolts with a number beside them. These signify how much your Power Level will rise once that particular quest is completed. Although some quests do give you more power than others, you will need to complete the entire questline to earn all of its rewards.

Screenshot by Gamepur

At the bottom of the Power Unleashed tab, you can discover your current Power Level and what rewards you’ll earn at certain milestones. A free cosmetic or Level Up Token will be gifted to you each time you’ve gathered an additional 10M (or 10 million more power). For instance, the massive Dragon Radar Back Bling can be earned by reaching a Power Level of 40M, while those brave enough to reach the max 120M Power Level will nab the Charging Up Emote.

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Players seeking out these exclusive cosmetics shouldn’t waste much time. The Dragon Ball Power Unleashed questline and its several offerings are currently slated to last until August 30 at 4 AM ET. In the meantime, you can start on its quests by opening Capsule Corp Capsules, destroying objects with a Kamehameha, and flying the new Nimbus Cloud Mythic.