How to destroy structure with fire in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 – Legendary Quest

Burn, baby burn.

Image via Gamepur

The Legendary Quest for Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 8 is to set structure on fire. This is a pretty common challenge in Fortnite over the years, but exactly how to do it can change with each season.

In Season 6, the easiest way to set fire to structures is with Firefly Jars. Fireflies can be found and collected all over the map. These small glowing insects can often be found near campfires and in wooded areas. When gathered by interacting with them, they become Firefly Jars, throwable weapons that will set fire to any structure they hit.

Another way to easily set structures on fire is with a Primal Flame Bow. The Primal Flame Bow can be made by crafting a Primal Bow and using a gas canister or a Firefly Jar. Opening the Inventory then clicking on the crafting tab will give players the relevant options to build it as long as they have all the items in their toolbar.

If you cannot find a Primal Bow, you can make one by using a Makeshift Bow and some animal bones from chickens, wolves, or boars.

Now, it should be noted that you can also set structures of fire by blowing up gas canisters, or gas pumps, but these methods do not count toward the challenge or the seasonal Milestone challenges.

Also, an important note, the last time that Fortnite had a challenge that involved setting fire to structures, it was bugged for a lot players. If you cannot get the counter to increase, no matter what method of fire you use, then this quest is more than likely bugged as well. Unfortunately, for bugged quests, there just isn’t anything that we can do until Epic releases an update that fixes the problem, or auto resolves the quest for all affected players.

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