How to headshot Henchmen at the Fortilla in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3

One weapon doesn’t seem to count.


One of this week’s challenges in Fortnite is to headshot Henchmen at the Fortilla 20 times. You can find the Fortilla in the southwest of the map, right beside Rickety Rig. It has quite a few Henchmen patrolling the area, so finding them is no issue, and all you really need to do is shoot them in the head. Where some people may be thrown off is if they are using a Sniper Rifle.

In our testing, using a Sniper Rifle would one-shot a Henchman, but you would not get any points for this at all. We are not sure why, but feel it may have something to do with the initial damage landing on the Henchmen shields, and not their health bar. From what we can tell, damage done to the actual health bar will count as a headshot for this challenge.

As such, the best weapons to use are something like a burst rifle, as it has good accuracy over range, will rapidly land three headshots for you, and should keep you at a safe distance from the Henchmen.

As always, the area is pretty busy right now due to the challenge being set here, so make sure you stay alert for other players. Ocean, the area boss, will also be wandering around, and she tends to open fire from huge ranges, so definitely be wary of her.