How to pop out of a giant snowball and damage players within 10 seconds in Fortnite

Use snow as the ultimate tool for stealth.

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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 has already seen its fair share of peculiar challenges, and its Winterfest event brings even more for players to earn XP in. The oddest challenge from the holiday questline is the task of popping out of a giant snowball to surprise and attack enemies. As one can expect, it will take numerous steps to complete, though one area of the map should make the challenge a breeze. Here’s how to pop out of a giant snowball and damage players within 10 seconds in Fortnite.

Where to find a snowball and damage players in Fortnite’s Winterfest event

Firstly, it is important to note that giant snowballs do not automatically spawn on the map upon the start of a match. Instead, you can begin the quest by heading over to the winter biome in the top-right corner and pickaxe its snow to create the snowball. Once it’s large enough, you will then be able to hop in and out of the ball by pressing your respective reload button.

Screenshot by Gamepur

However, as the quest requires you to deal damage within 10 seconds of popping out of it, we recommend creating and jumping inside a snowball within highly populated winter POIs, such as Brutal Bastion or Lonely Labs. Additionally, the Winterfest challenge can only be completed once a total of 250 damage is done, so you will have to leap in and out of the snowball directly before each fight. Those able to finish the task should then receive an additional 16,000 XP toward their Battle Pass level.

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Of course, Winterfest’s second week delivers much more than just one quest. Players can also earn extra XP from decorating traffic lights and checking the Cozy Lodge for pizza slices. Although these challenges greatly help in unlocking Battle Pass rewards, it is also worth checking out Cozy Lodge’s set of presents. There are more than a dozen for you to open, and their contents include free skins, Gliders, and even Harvesting Tools.