How to retrieve a Cult Artifact from the Spire for Raz in Fortnite – Spire Challenges

You gotta Indiana Jonesy it.

Image via Gamepur

One of the parts of the Spire Challenge in Fortnite is to retrieve an artifact from the Spire for Raz. This means making your way to the very center of the map, to the towering mass of rock that is sticking up in the sky. This is the Spire, which we were all introduced to at the start of the season.

The Artifact that you need is located at the top row of buildings, in the last big building just before the step to the Spire area.

There is normally a Guardian that hangs around here, so you will need to be very careful. The area is also incredibly busy due to all the players trying to finish the Spire Challenges, so you will have that to contend with as well.

All you need to do is interact with the Artifact to grab it, and once you do you can die or leave the match with no issues. The challenge will be considered complete. You don’t need to make it back to Raz in the same life or match, thankfully.

Once you have the artifact, it is likely that you will have a couple of more steps to complete before you can wrap up the challenges, so you can find guides to each of the steps below.

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All Tarana Shrine Challenges: