Where to find The Thief in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 – Spire Challenges

He is a bold one.

Image via Gamepur

After you find all the artifacts and return to Tarana, interact with her to get access to the next Spire Challenge. She will tell you about a thief that she suspects is near Colossal Crops.

Colossal Crops is just to the east of Boney Burbs, where Tarana lives, so loot up and make your way over there. Just like Burbs, Crops is likely to be filled with players trying to finish these challenges.

You need to make your way to Raz, who can be found in the main structure of the farm, on the second floor. Much like Tarana, you need to interact with him and pick the Spire option from the option wheel.

He will have his own challenge for you, tell you to play the last log. These Spire Challenges sure are a complicated mess, with lots to do.

Be very careful when speaking with Raz, as other players are likely to be around and will almost certainly embrace the chance to pick you off while you are deep in conversation with the light-handed Raz.

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