How to don the disguise and strike three Resonant Crystals at the Spire in Fortnite

The man of many faces.

Image via Gamepur

The final step of the first batch of Spire Challenges is to don a disguise and strike three Resonant Crystals at the Spire. You will have already gotten Raz everything he needed to make the disguise, so it is time to head for the Spire.

You can find the disguise at the end of the path, all the way down in the village at the foot of the spire. We are talking the ground level part here, so don’t get confused. You can find it sitting beside a wooden fence at the area shown on the map below.

It will have a purple/blue glow, so is quite easy to spot. After you put it on, it is time to start walking up the tower. This will be awkward, as other players will probably try to shoot you in the face. You will look a Guardian armed with a massive axe though, so they may just run away.

As you head up along the path, just watch the walls on the left for pink crystals, when you see one, hit it with the pick.

You only need to find three of them in total, and they are all attacked to the wall between the bottom and top of the area, as you climb upward, so they are actually quite hard to miss.

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